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Fox welcomes youngsters to 'The Lion King'

2012-08-17T14:20:00Z 2012-08-17T16:15:33Z Fox welcomes youngsters to 'The Lion King'BY JUDITH NEWMARK • Post-Dispatch Theater Critic > > 314-340-8243

Kids' Night on Broadway — a national program designed to encourage families to enjoy live theater together — comes to the Fox Theatre on Tuesday, Aug. 21, when “The Lion King” is onstage.

On Kids' Night, a free child's ticket is available with the purchase of an adult ticket. Many restaurants near the Fox offer free or discounted meals for children.

There are also special activities before and after the 8 p.m. performance. At 6 p.m., Kids' Night starts in Strauss Park, across the street from the theater, with performances of African drumming and dance by Yele, the young dancer troupe of Afriky Lolo. Craft Alliance will have an activity tent in the park, too.

Indoor activities start at 6:30 in the lobby of the Fox, 527 North Grand Boulevard. These include African crafts projects, a mini-musical about what goes into a Broadway show and information about performing arts classes in the St. Louis area.

After the show, the audience is invited to remain in the theater for a Q&A with members of the cast and crew.

Kids' Night on Broadway is sponsored by the Broadway League (formerly the League of American Theaters and Producers) and presented here by the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation. For more information about Kids' Night here, visit the foundation's website.

Judith Newmark is the Post-Dispatch's theater critic. Follow her in Culture Club and @JudithNewmark.  

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