No book tour for Laurell K. Hamilton's 'Affliction'

2013-07-02T07:29:00Z 2013-07-03T23:24:10Z No book tour for Laurell K. Hamilton's 'Affliction'By Jane Henderson 314-340-8107

Laurell K. Hamilton won't be signing her new book, "Affliction," which goes on sale today. 

Apparently the popular St. Louis County author was suffering from an affliction of her own. The ailment kept the best-selling writer on the couch and unable to plan events to promote her latest novel about vampire hunter Anita Blake. 

She writes about the unidentified trouble on her blog, saying, 

"It’s the 20th Anniversary for Anita Blake and I’m not touring. I’d planned on it, but what I hadn’t planned on was getting sick for about three months. It started with my doctor thinking it would be a simple fix, and then that I needed a certain kind of medical specialist, but that wasn’t it. After two and a half months of crippling pain and other unpleasant symptoms that kept me pretty much either on the couch, or in bed, just trying to doze through it all, finally found the right medical specialist. One thing I learned from all this is that every doctor has their bias and are more likely to diagnose in certain areas, as opposed to other areas, and if its not in their area than you, as a patient, must be more proactive. It would take me far too long to finally say, enough, and help figure out what medical specialty I needed. But in a way it’s a crap shoot, they test scatter shot and hope they hit it, which is pretty frightening to realize, actually. The right doctor, at the right moment, with the right information, is a true life saver."

Thankfully, it sounds like Hamilton is now recovering. Read a review of the urban fantasy "Affliction" in the July 7 A&E section. 


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