Dr. Leana Wen graduated from Washington University's medical school in 2007. Soon after, she was picked to travel to Africa and write a blog with New York Times columnist Nick Kristof.

She became a Rhodes scholar and now she's a Harvard fellow and senior emergency resident at Brigham & Women's and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Apparently Wen never sleeps because she's also co-author of a new book, "When Doctors Don't Listen."

This morning Wen will be a guest on the Diane Rehm show on NPR (10 a.m. at 90.7 FM).

On Jan. 31 she'll be back at Washington University to give a lunch talk in the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center. The event is free and open to the public. Call 314-362-5000.

What are some hints to getting doctors to listen to patients who think something is wrong? In her book, Wen and Dr. Josh Kosowsky give lots of tips, including "start at the beginning" and proceed in chronological order, explaining onset of symptoms, severity and changes over time.

Jane Henderson is book editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Follow her online at stltoday.com/books and on Twitter @stlbooks.

Jane Henderson is the book editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.