Melt gives Generation Y a good name

2012-09-21T00:00:00Z 2012-10-04T13:35:50Z Melt gives Generation Y a good nameBY BETHA WHITLOW • Special to Go! magazine
September 21, 2012 12:00 am  • 

I’m a member of Generation X, which copped a grunge aesthetic, knew Winona Ryder as an actress (not a shoplifter) and coined now cringe-inducing phrases like “Naïve is Evian spelled backward.”

In short, we were an easy generation to mock.

Generation Y, with its seemingly loose work ethic and irony more sartorial than intellectual, has also earned its share of jabs. But I also work with members of Gen Y in my day job, and admire them for their creativity, their earnestness and their DIY versus my DIY-not. Channel those qualities, and you’ve got something.

Something like Melt.

Melt, which resides on one of the most charming blocks in far south St. Louis, is one part each coffeehouse, waffle joint and bar — and Gen Y done exactly right.

Entering red-faced from my long bike ride, a young, friendly server in a vintage dress immediately handed me ice cold water in a Mason jar. Committed to upcycling — think trash turned treasure — Melt’s weathered stools are covered with hand-knitted cozies and the ramshackle tables papered in old dictionary pages, so you can dine and learn what a fipple flute is at the same time.

Melt serves up classic cocktails, PBR in brown bags, coffee drinks (with or without booze) and cutely named, incredibly tasty waffles.

The Violet Beauregard ($6) brought a thin waffle that looked like it came from Grandma’s waffle maker — and probably did. Rich and flavorful, it was gorgeously drizzled with essence-of-blueberry syrup, generously scattered with fresh blueberries and topped with just the right amount of whipped cream.

Even better was the clever Wake and Bake ($5), a maple-sweet "wafflewich" loaded with minced bacon, topped with a marigold-yolk egg, sprinkled with cheddar and just the ticket to getting Melt — and maybe even Gen Y — some much-deserved respect.


Where 7700 Ivory Street • More info 314-638-6358; • Hours 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Friday; 8 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday; 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday

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