Tower Groove Records starting monthly singles club

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St. Louis-based Tower Groove Records is introducing its new 7" record singles club.

The Tower Groove Records Singles Club will pair up fresh tracks from "the most cherished St. Louis acts and from future favorites. Established Tower Groove Records bands are paired up with the newest members of our Tower Groove Records family in once-monthly releases."

Here are the artists on deck for the singles club beginning in January.

-- January: Old Lights/Demon Lover

-- February: Doom Town/Black for a Second

-- March: Bunnygrunt/Trauma Harness

-- April: Skekses/CaveofswordS

-- May: Tone Rodent/Kisser

-- June: Ransom Note/Nee

-- July: Maximum Effort/Shaved Women

-- August: Magic City/Jungle Fire

-- September: Peck of Dirt/Little Big Bangs

-- October: Bug Chaser/Troubadour Dali

-- November: Accelerando/Humdrum

-- December: Sleepy Kitty/Middle Class Fashion

Three kick-off parties will help usher in the Tower Groove Records Singles Club.

Tower Groove Records Fall Informal

Oct. 20, 2 p.m- 7 p.m.

Bands include: Accelerando, Bug Chaser, Jungle Fire, Kisser, Shaved Women, Skekses and Trauma Harness

Local Harvest will provide food.

In-store performance at Vintage Vinyl

Nov. 4

Bands include: Black for a Second, Peck of Dirt, Tone Rodent

In-store performance at Euclid Records

Dec. 2

Bands include: Bunnygrunt, Sleepy Kitty, Troubadour Dali

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