8 p.m. on Fox

Season 5 -- the final season for "Fringe" -- picks up from last season's finale, with the Observers ruling in 2036. Fox further explains that "the Fringe team, preserved in amber for 20 years, is now a rebel resistance team fighting for freedom. Peter, reunited with his now adult-daughter, Etta, sets out to find out what happened to his wife and Etta’s mom – Olivia."



7 p.m. on CBS

Rob Morrow guests in the Season 9 premiere, in which the CSIs investigate the death of a fire chief – a friend of Mac’s – in a blaze that used the same technique as a recently paroled arsonist.

'Kitchen Nightmares'

7 p.m. on Fox

In a two-part episode, concluding next Friday, Ramsay tries to save a Boston restaurant run by a battling pair of sisters.

'Made in Jersey'

8 p.m. on CBS

In a new legal drama, a young, working-class New Yorker (Janet Montgomery) gets a job at a prestigious Manhattan law firm.


8 p.m. on NBC

As the drama moves to its regular time slot, Nick and Juliette try to figure out the rules of their relationship.

'America's Next Top Model'

8 p.m. on the CW

The women enact roles in a video game.

'Blue Bloods'

9 p.m. on CBS

Jackie is kidnapped by a criminal from Danny's past as the cop drama returns for Season 3.

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Gail Pennington is the television critic for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.