The three 'sisters" in this recipe are corn (hominy), squash and beans, a nutritious combination of foods common in Native American recipes.

Regular corn may be substituted for the hominy, according to the cook who submitted this recipe to, but hominy is more traditional.

Linda Vail also provided a recipe for Three Sisters Chili. We'll forward it to the requester, Lana Shepek of Belleville.

And now, more requests:

• "I would like the recipe for German Zimtsterne cookies," wrote Barb Ulmer. "They are some kind of cinnamon stars." Does anyone have a tried-and-true recipe for this Christmastime favorite?

• Wilma Schmitz is looking for a recipe for brownies like those sold at the old Bettendorf-Rapp supermarkets. She remembers they were chewy, contained walnuts and had medium crystals of salt or sugar on the bottom.