Ten years ago, Jeff Kapfer, a local artist, found his unique space downtown. He chose a place that he could make his own at Art Lofts on Washington Avenue.

"The 1,800-square-foot, one-bedroom loft was interesting," Jeff says. He needed a studio, so he turned the bedroom into his painting area and built a bedroom, next to the kitchen with the help of his family.

"The view is spectacular, too," adds Jeff. "I face east onto the next building and can see the school bus hanging off the roof of the City Museum."

His décor style is a mix, from eclectic to modern. Nothing really goes together, but it all works. He has one unifying theme throughout his loft — birds. He's been painting birds since college.

"My décor has come together around the birds," Jeff says. "The birds have always been the focus." He's painted cardinals, ducks, flamingos, storks and other birds; some are not a specific bird but are shaped like a bird.

"I've always liked birds and have been collecting them since I was young. Most of the accent bird pieces in my loft have been given to me as gifts."

Much of his furniture is handed down from family and friends. He likes to mix materials from painted wood to steel. He's even purchased a few items from antiques stores to blend in with his quirky style. And he enjoys mixing surprise elements, such as small bird figurines, mannequins and even oil cans that resemble birds. These elements pop in color throughout his loft.

He has about 20 pieces of bird artwork, in all sizes, dangling from his walls. And to keep the boredom away, it's always rotating.


Age • 32

Home • Downtown

Occupation • Graphic designer, painter. He combines his graphic design influence with his childhood obsession with birds to create vibrant, lighthearted paintings inspired by friends, family and everyday life. His work has been shown throughout St. Louis, including Houska Gallery, Marbles Gallery, PHD Gallery and SOHA Gallery.

Family • Single