• Tell us about yourself. Kathy: I actually have a full-time job as a customer service representative in Maryland Heights. I make doll clothing every evening and spend an average of 20 to 30 hours a week sewing. Peggy works at a major retailer in St. Charles and sews in the evening and on the weekends as time allows.

• How long have you been making doll clothing? Probably about 10 years. I started out small, sewing six pieces of each style. Now, we make about 100 of each style. We make dresses, coats, pants, tops, swimsuits, Halloween costumes, First Communion dresses, wedding gowns and pajamas. Our accessories include sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and so much more.

• What size doll clothing do you make? We make accessories for 18-inch dolls.

• Where do you find your fabric? We shop for bargains and sales, and use coupons as often as possible to buy good-quality material. We choose modern fabrics, and our most popular colors are pink, lavender and anything with sparkles.

• Where do you do most of your sewing? I have a special room in my condo just for all four of my machines, patterns and material. But sometimes, I expand out into other areas of my condo when I get a new idea.

• What type of machines? I use a Kenmore, a Janome serger, a white serger and a Brother 19.

• Why do you sew? I sew because it is cheaper than therapy, and I love watching little girls come up to our booth with wide eyes and say, "I want one of everything."

• Where can our readers find your doll clothing and accessories? We sell at most of the fall craft shows, including the Francis Howell School District, Fort Zumwalt School District and the Lindbergh School District. Our doll clothing is also carried at Whitney's World of Crafts in Branson, Mo.; Aggie's Attic in O'Fallon, Mo.; and at Gifts and More in Winfield.

• What are your prices? Our clothes range from $8 to $30, and our accessories range from $3 to $50.

• How much for the items in this photo? The Cardinals outfit is made with fleece, and the hat is felt. It's $18. The carrying bag on my shoulder is $35 and holds two dolls, plus it has side pockets. The tent is $30.


Ages • Kathy is 64; Peggy is 56

Family • Kathy, of St. Charles, is single with five grown children and three grandsons; Peggy, of St. Peters, is single with three children and seven grandchildren

What they make • Kathy and Peggy are crafters, creating doll clothes and doll accessories. They own Doll Clothes by Peggy Sue. To contact them, email KKlockeblue@yahoo.com or peg2309@sbcglobal.net, or call 636-399-1751.