Meet the winners of our father-son look-alike contest

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As the winners of our Father-Son Look-alike contest piled out of their vehicles for our photo shoot, I instantly spotted their similarities. But they also had something else in common: Most of them showed up  sporting their best Cardinals attire. 

This year, our contest had more than 400 entries. You picked the grand prize winner and our staff selected three runners-up.

The grand prize winner, Adam Willis and 6-month-old son, Jayden, of New Baden, won a $250 shopping spree from's online store, Today's Deal. They'll also receive two tickets to the Cardinals game on Father's Day. Our runners-up will receive two Cardinals tickets.

Meet our winners, photographed at the Museum of Transportation, 3015 Barrett Station Road.

Grand prize winner: Adam Willis, 24 and Jayden, 6 months old, of New Baden, hang out on the 1907 Laclede-Christy locomotive.

"He's so cute, but he has Mom's eyes," says Adam. The duo received more than 700 votes. Dad and son spend their time watching cartoons, going to the zoo and swimming. Jayden is working on his crawling right now. This Father's Day will be  Jayden's first experience at a Cardinals game. "It couldn't be more special," says Adam. "We'll be at the game on Father's Day."

Runner-up: Markis Johnson, 23 and Markis Jr, 2, of Chesterfield, pose near the 1907 Laclede-Christy locomotive.

"He's my clone," says Markis Sr. We noticed lots of identical features on this pair, from their smiles to their clothing style. They share one interest: basketball. The 2-year-old dribbles with Dad on the court at their apartment complex. "Our favorite team is the Heat," says Markis. "Markis Jr. is a ball player for 2 years old. He even throws a perfect spiral," giggles Dad. As they walked away from the photo shoot, we couldn't help but chuckle. They were wearing the same tennis shoes.

Runner-up: Charlie Diester, 32 and Tommy, 12, of Festus, pose at a 1954 Southern Pacific caboose.

"We get it everywhere we go," says Charlie. Everyone says all my son needs to do is grow a beard, and we could be twins." Charlie and Tommy are movie buffs, love to golf and enjoy skateboarding. They travel to JB Skate Park in Jefferson Barracks and skateboard for hours. Dad doesn't try all the stunts that Tommy accomplishes. "A co-worker told me to enter the contest," says Charlie. 

Runner-up: Bob Eickmeier, 57 and Eric, 30, of South County, hang out in the 1938 Chicago Burlington and Quincy Silver Spoon dining car.

"I can't deny he's my son. He's my mini-me," says Bob. "Even as a child, he has always looked just like me, and lately he's developed my hair line." Bob is a happy grandpa hanging out with Eric's daughter, Violet. She's 8 months old, and the family spends quality time swimming and barbecuing. Bob says they have one thing in common: a sense of humor. "I've taught my son plenty of things in life, but most importantly: Be yourself, and if you make a promise, keep it."

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