CHEZ BYE-BYE: It’s a folderoo for Leon Birnbaum’s latest, the new Chez Leon in Clayton, which he opened slightly more than two years ago after a 10-year run at a previous location on Laclede Avenue in the Central West End.

“Now I don’t have to eat there every Sunday,” offered one of Birnbaum’s friends who had been trying to prop up the veteran restaurateur when thing started going south.

Birnbaum tried a variety of ways to draw crowds but without the foot traffic that had kept his traditional French-style restaurant bustling for years in the CWE, the discounts and coupons weren’t enough to turn the tide.

Meanwhile, friends who helped bankroll Birnbaum’s Clayton dinery are wondering whether they’ll be able to get anything back on their investments.

Deborah Peterson is an editorial writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.