What would employer think of your Tweets and Facebook posts?

2012-07-10T07:13:00Z 2012-07-11T12:15:49Z What would employer think of your Tweets and Facebook posts?BY AMANDA ST. AMAND astamand@post-dispatch.com> 314-340-8201 stltoday.com

Many people seem to have stories to tell about children, friends or neighbors who just can't find a job.

Maybe that's because more potential employers are looking at candidates' social media postings, and not liking what they see.

A story at Time.com caught my eye this morning. It quotes a survey released by Jobvite, a company that provides applicant tracking software. And that survey shows that 92 percent -- 92! -- of employers are using or will use social networks for recruiting this year.

According to Time:

"What you post or Tweet can have positive or negative impact on what recruiters think of you. Four out of five recruiters liked to see memberships and affiliations with professional organizations on a candidate’s profile, and another 66% react positively when a profile mentions volunteerism efforts. On the other hand, references to illicit drugs, posts of a sexual nature, and mentions of alcohol consumption were likely to be viewed negatively by 78%, 67%, and 47% of recruiters. Interestingly enough, poor grammar and spelling mistakes are worse social networking sins than writing about your latest binge-drinking adventure: 54% of recruiters had a negative reaction to grammar and spelling mistakes, compared to 47% of recruiters negative reaction to alcohol references."

None of this surprises me, but I bet it may surprise the young man or woman who graduated college with honors but goes into gory and grammar-free detail about the latest wild weekend.

Think about the state of your Facebook or Twitter account -- how comfortable would you be with a company you wanted to work for digging through it? Have you posted something that came back to bite you?


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