The Andy Griffith Quiz

From Sheriff Andy Taylor to attorney Ben Matlock, Andy Griffith created memorable characters on TV for decades. How well do you know the life and career of this television icon?

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1. Where was Andy Griffith born?
Wrong.Right. Mount Airy, N.C. Griffith's North Carolina roots were deep. He died at his home on Roanoke Island in the state.
2. A famous comedy monologue delivered by Griffith explained, "What it was, was...." What was it?
Wrong.Right. "What It Was, Was Football," in which a character from the hills explains the game he saw, was a hit on LP for Griffith, and he performed it many times in his career.
3. Griffith's name in the classic "A Face in the Crowd" was ....
Wrong.Right. "Lonesome" Rhodes. The 1957 film was directed by Elia Kazan.
4. In the movie "No Time For Sergeants," Griffith's character is given the rank of "P.L.O." For what does that acronym stand?
Wrong.Right. Permanent Latrine Ordely. Don Knotts had a small role in the 1958 film.
5. "The Andy Griffith Show" started as a single episode of what other series?
Wrong.Right. Griffith stopped Danny Thomas for speeding on "Make Room for Daddy" in 1960. The episode was a pilot for "Andy Griffith."
6. On "The Andy Griffith Show," Don Knotts played Deputy Barney Fife. How did he get the job?
Wrong.Right. In the first episode, Andy calls him "Cousin Barney." But the relationship was forgotten after that.
7. What was the name of Sheriff Taylor's schoolteacher girlfriend on "The Andy Griffith Show"?
Wrong.Right. Helen Crump. She was played by Aneta Corsaut.
8. On "Matlock," Griffith's title character had a fondness for what food?
Wrong.Right. Hot dogs. The story was that Matlock survived his early lean days by eating a lot of them.
9. Which old friend did Griffith surprise on "Saturday Night Live" in 1982?
Wrong.Right. Ron Howard, whom Griffith always called Ronny, was the host that night. He was starring on "Happy Days" at the time.
10. Griffith's last movie appearance was in what film?
Wrong.Right. You may remember Griffith better as the diner owner opposite Keri Russell in 2007's "Waitress," but he had the lead in 2009's "Play the Game," as a widower ready to date again.
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CREDITS: Quiz by Gail Pennington and Joe Holleman