Here is just a partial list of items state Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington,">received for free from lobbyists last year: two World Series tickets worth $500, a $264.98 dinner for him and his wife, a $135 dinner from a casino company, a $78.50 divisional series baseball ticket. And a $15 money clip where he can stash the cash he saves.

We mention this not because Mr. Nieves is much different from other freeloading lawmakers, but because he alone!"> thinks its a big deal that reporters get free parking at the Capitol so that they can keep an eye on Mr. Nieves and his friends.

It's true that reporters often poke fun at the flamboyant Mr. Nieves, but who could resist? Who else would rail on the Senate floor, with "Give me liberty or give me death" passion, against reporters who">'sashay" and "dilly-dally" into the Capitol from close-by parking places while disabled veterans have to "fight like dogs" for their space?

He didn't offer to give the veterans his own parking spot in the Capitol garage.

If he parked outside, he might have noticed the numerous parking spaces for the disabled that are even closer to the Capitol's front steps than even those set aside for ink-stained wretches.