Fair or Foul: Peter Kinder has the black helicopters circling again

2012-10-29T15:00:00Z 2012-10-29T18:48:23Z Fair or Foul: Peter Kinder has the black helicopters circling again stltoday.com

FOUL: Peter the Tweeter is back. In the halcyon days before his gubernatorial ambitions went off the rails, Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder would regularly send the sort of messages on Twitter that would send his supporters running for the hills. Like when he tweeted from Hooters, or stirred fear during a fake hostage crisis, or repeated right-wing propaganda. Well, he’s back. Last week, Mr. Kinder tweeted, and repeated on a right-wing radio program, the crazy conspiracy theory that United Nations officials are out to mess with the Nov. 6 election. Um, no.

What happened is this: Officials from the international election watchdog Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe — the United States is a member — announced plans to send out election observers on Nov. 6. Keep in mind, the organization has done this since it was first invited to do so by former President George W. Bush, a Republican from Texas. But the current Texas attorney general, a good ol’ boy named Greg Abbott, decided to use the event to rile up anti-federal government feelings in Texas, where secession is a regular election year topic. Despite the fact that Mr. Abbott and others like him (including Mr. Kinder) have been arguing falsely for years now that voter fraud is rampant, they didn’t want no stinkin’ Europeans coming in to actually look for such fraud.

So, Mr. Kinder decided to explain to conspiracy-minded Missouri Republicans that the U.N. was on the way. And the black helicopter crowd went crazy.

It almost makes us wish for four more years of Mr. Kinder’s Twitter feed. Almost.

—Tony Messenger

—Tony Messenger

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