Fair or Foul: Kirkwoodians say ixnay to Dirt Cheap; deliveryman saves family

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FOUL: Too bad the residents of Kirkwood don't live in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. That hamlet set in a piney forest next to a mile-long white sandy beach has municipal laws that would turn Kirkwoodians green with envy. For instance, it's against the law to wear high heels in Carmel without a permit, or for a man to be outside wearing a jacket and pants that do not match. If some residents of Kirkwood have their way, it's not inconceivable that such laws would be on their books, too.

Consider the outrage that has been spawned by a proposal to put a Dirt Cheap liquor store in the Queen of the Suburbs. "It's a disgrace," said Steve Perkinson, who is in sales development and lives near the store's proposed location at 915 North Kirkwood Road. "A Dirt Cheap liquor store with beer, cigarettes and liquor brings in the wrong sort of people."

What's not in question is the fact that the site is commercially zoned and, according to Public Works Director Todd Rehg, legally can be used for a liquor store. Next thing you know, people will be wearing high heels without matching jackets and pants when they go to buy booze and cigarettes in Kirkwood. Will the horror never end?

—Deborah Peterson

FAIR: If the folks over at Anheuser-Busch InBev are looking for a new angle on their Real Men of Genius ads, how about producing one about newspaper deliverymen? Here's to you, newspaper deliveryman Todd Barrow, who drives around the dark streets of St. Charles County at 2:30 in the morning delivering the Post-Dispatch to driveways and porches of faithful readers. When you saw the flames coming out of the Fox Hills Apartments, you didn't merrily go along your route blindly tossing papers, you banged on the door yelling, "Just get out," saving a teen boy, his mother and two teenage girls. Today, we salute you. 

—Tony Messenger

Deborah Peterson is a member of the Post-Dispatch editorial board.

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