What a crock! The Post-Dispatch editorial “Culture of lies” (July 17) was so filled with liberal doublespeak that it was impossible to take seriously. To call people who are pro-life liars is beyond the pale.

We in the pro-life community believe in personal responsibility, morals and virtue. We believe that people should refrain from having sex outside of marriage knowing that the results will be devastating — sexually transmitted diseases, broken relationships, abortion and a culture in a downward spiral. The liberal mindset of the Post-Dispatch constantly promotes sex with no boundaries, paying only lip service to abstinence as evidenced by the editorial's horrendous lie that “birth control is the most effective way to reduce abortions.” No, abstinence is the most effective way to reduce abortions. Period, end of discussion.

The editorial used Barney Frank as their resident moralist, citing his summation of pro-lifers saying, “(They) believe life begins at conception and ends at birth.” That is an insult to people of faith in the pro-life community who operate more schools, hospitals, adoption agencies and charities catering to children and families than any other entity in America. What is Barney Frank doing to help children?

It has become vogue in the liberal press to mock people who believe in traditional values. Author and retired Air Force Col. Jeff O’Leary put it well, “Virtue angers and threatens those whose own lives have been lived under the shadows of expediency and vice.”

Beth Henson  •  Festus