Help students attend out-of-state colleges

2012-12-22T00:00:00Z Help students attend out-of-state colleges
December 22, 2012 12:00 am

Regarding the editorial "Border wars" (Dec. 17):

Schools have been charging out-of-state tuition for decades now, and it just keeps increasing and will continue to increase. That’s bad news for young high school students like myself looking at colleges that, for my family and I, must remain a search within the confines of the great state of Missouri. My mother is a child abuse investigator for the state while my dad is police officer for the city of St. Louis, both not exactly high-paying jobs. While I would like nothing more than to look at a school like UC-San Francisco or UCLA, I must instead set my sights solely on our state’s equivalents (UMSL, UMKC, and MU). All three very exceptional institutions, yes, but in a backyard I’ve already played in.

My chance at exploring a beautiful part of the country is hampered by out-of-state tuition. While scholarships and FAFSA are certainly weight-lifters, the best those could do is bring down the out-of-state costs down to in-state costs. I realize at the end of the day business is business, but there should be some effort put forth to better fund higher education for those students who desire it, even if it’s in a state in which that student doesn’t.

Brian Robinson  •  St. Louis

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