Missouri SB207 allows electric corporations to recover costs for infrastructure replacement projects by adding a surcharge directly to electric customers' monthly bills ("Senators weigh Ameren’s proposal for surcharge," Feb. 6). As if Missouri utility customers aren't already burdened with Ameren's latest 10 percent rate increase approved by the Public Service Commission, and the deluge of rate increases from seemingly every Missouri utility over the last few years.

SB207 promises new jobs for Missouri. The carrot. But Missouri utility customers are tired of ending up with the stick, which means more money coming out of their already-empty pockets. When Missouri electric customers took Ameren's advice to employ energy-saving methods and use new energy-saving products a few years ago, they were rewarded by Ameren's efforts to get legislation passed that would recoup revenue lost by Ameren as a direct result of customers taking their advice and saving energy.

Just how does the Missouri utility customer get a break, when legislators and so-called consumer advocate agencies (Public Service Commission) continually endorse utility companies requests/demands? Well, this beleaguered Missouri utility customer is mad as hell and wide awake. The seemingly small increases, via surcharge or fees or whatever they call them, add up to plenty in a year's time.

Missouri legislators, who continually schmooze with the utility companies, will pay the price when voting Missouri utility customers deny these legislators their support, their campaign contributions and their votes.

Carol Buzzetta  •  Florissant