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July 29, 2013 12:00 am

Readers of your front-page article on landfill methane ("Landfill methane offenses not new," July 21) need to be aware that methane, a major component of natural gas, can often be pumped into a natural gas pipeline as T. Boone Pickens does from his Texas landfill, or piped to a local user like the old Chrysler Fenton auto plant where the boilers used landfill gas. Methane-fueled generators can also provide electric power to use at the landfill and/or to sell to an electric utility like Ameren. Fred Weber Corp.'s piston-engine gen-sets do this at their local landfill.

Recently I alerted a maker of methane-fueled “micro-turbine” (20 to 1000 horsepower) gen-sets to the potential at Republic Services' Bridgeton landfill, which is now being capped, allowing collection of the methane. This unique gen-set will run on mixed, weak or sour gases, has just one moving part, requires no oil and only a new air filter every six months. Proven life before overhaul exceeds nine years in harsh service.

Republic Services should be commended for upgrading the Bridgeton landfill, which it was saddled with as part of its takeover of Allied Waste, and for its ongoing program to convert its vast truck fleet to clean-burning natural gas. T. Boone Pickens also deserves our thanks for his Clean Energy Fuels Corp., with hundreds of natural gas filling stations across America.

Bob Hutton  •  Chesterfield

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