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Douglas Herr, who admitted mental problems in the past, had 25 pounds of black powder and was obtaining sections of pipe of the type that might be used for bombs.  

Fires have been set at the front doors of six churches in St. Louis and Jennings since Oct. 8.

Elected officials, police leaders, federal prosecutors and criminologists from about 15 cities among those invited to discuss rise in crime

Two men were sentenced to 12 nad more than 15 years in federal prison Wednesday for a pawn shop burglary that led to a non-fatal shooting by federal agents last year.

Federal prosecutors charged a St. Louis homeowner with a drug crime after police investigating a burglary found on his surveillance system videos of the man dealing drugs while armed.

Arrests of burglary suspects in October led to single shot being fired by ATF agents, minor injuries to suspects.

The suspect was expected to live and the officer was not hurt, police said

Boy became trapped in fire intended to collect on insurance.

Defendant who is unable to understand how the court process works will receive a form of probation, lawyers said Thursday.

ATF agents killed passenger in car that tried to flee.

Attempt to arrest two other suspects led to exchange of shots with federal agents Oct. 17.

Weapons were taken in three-part burglary of a store in Centralia, Ill., last month.

Mortar shell that exploded was in large, open-top, wooden container. The cause of the blast is not clear.

Andreus O’Bryant, 26, recruited others to lure a Houston man to St. Louis, where he was robbed and killed in 2011, prosecutors said.

Tray Ferguson, 30, was caught in one of a series of ATF and St. Louis police stings targeting violent crime.

Sentencing hearing for one of his attackers reveals details of quick but violent encounter in St. Louis.

James Clark, 23, of St. Louis, and four others have pleaded guilty to at least one drug or gun crime connected to a cocaine stash house sting.

More than 200 guns were seized, many from convicted felons.

Angel Marie Carrino, 24, indicted for allegedly funneling firearms to her brother, a convicted felon in Illinois.


Social Security investigator said he never accessed the information but his goal was to find people who had been fraudulently receiving disability benefits.