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Missouri's senior senator details her rise above sexism and long odds

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U.S. Rep. and Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin and Sen. Claire McCaskill shake hands following a debate at Clayton High School on Thursday,…

But it's clear the battle will continue.

Regarding "Hanaway channels Akin" (Feb. 5):

  • By the Editorial Board

The Catherine Hanaway we have known throughout her political and professional career is better than that. That she thinks she has to demean herself in order to win a primary says a lot about what she thinks of Republican voters.

"Legitimate" Republicans who want to be taken seriously, should distance themselves from Mr. Brattin's uneducated and sexist blather, and stop trying to pass legislation that turns women and others into second class citizens.

Why would somebody spend millions of dollars to win a job that pays thousands of dollars? 

  • By the Editorial Board

There’s a saying in politics that elections are won by those who show up. Perhaps that’s so for voters, but a key part of U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner…

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Government spending on family planning offers a huge return on investment.

With regard to the latest Todd Akin nonstory ("No comment," July 11): Please, Todd, just go away. Take your comb-over and go back to the littl…

Over the past few years, the Post-Dispatch’s editorials and editorial actions have begun to look less like opinion and more like intolerance, …


Fund raising letter focuses on her old nemesis' his defiant new book. 

With regard to former U.S. Rep. Todd Akin’s, R-Wildwood, decision to recant his 2012 apology for saying that “legitimate rape” rarely causes p…

If they’re interested in keeping women on their campuses safe from sexual assault, the nation’s colleges and universities should be grateful f…

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Todd Akin gives his concession speech at his election party at the DoubleTree Hotel in Chesterfield on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. Photo by Christi…

  • Robert Cohen

U.S. Rep. Todd Akin speaks at a Chesterfield news conference Friday, Aug 24, 2012 where he announced his plans to stay in the race for U.S. Se…

TV personality has worked for KTVI Channel 2 for 11 years.

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Charles Jaco (right) interviews then-U.S. Rep Todd Akin of Wildwood on the Jaco Report on KTVI (Channel 2) on Aug. 19, 2012.

State GOP convention tries to avoid conflicts of the past.

Your editorial "Political ads bolster local TV, pollute democracy" (Dec. 29) fails the logic test.