There was a time early in Albert Pujols' brief minor-league career when the paychecks were slim and his wife, Deidre, suggested they declare bankruptcy to stay afloat.

"Let's see what happens with my baseball," Albert told her.

Deidre Pujols recounts that story during an interview with "60 Minutes" as part of a lengthy feature on the Cardinals' three-time MVP. The profile, which is about 12 minutes long, will air during the news magazine's broadcast Sunday on KMOV (Channel 4) at 6 p.m., immediately after CBS' coverage of The Masters. "60 Minutes" uses Pujols' prolific production on the field — and his place as the game's biggest star on the verge of free agency — as a springboard into his and his family's humanitarian and charitable endeavors.

Reporter Bob Simon traveled with Pujols to the Dominican Republic last November for the opening of a baseball field and youth league program in the village Pujols and his charitable organization have supported with other missions.

"This is not so I can be Mr. Nice Guy ... 'He's not just a superstar on the field,'" Pujols tells Simon in one of the interviews. "It's my passion, and I believe this is what God is calling me to do. That was me 25 years ago. I was one of those little boys with no hope, just a dream."

"60 Minutes" and producer Draggan Mihailovich spent several months with Pujols to produce the piece. They started with an October visit to St. Louis and The Pujols Family Foundation's prom for adults and teens with Down syndrome and included a stop at spring training for a lengthy interview at the Cardinals' Jupiter, Fla., facility. While in the Dominican, the crew attended a baseball clinic with Pujols and visited the apartment Pujols was raised in before moving to the United States. They also show a scrapbook he kept from his years of high school baseball and visited opening day in St. Louis to capture the pageantry of the unofficial civic holiday.