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March 02, 2012 9:30 am  • 

Before the real season starts next month, see what you know about the spring season and the Cardinals' home away from home in Jupiter, Fla.

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1. The Cardinals first held spring training in 1901 in St. Louis and practiced in many towns in Texas early in the 1900s. In what year did the Cardinals move their spring training home to Jupiter, Fla?
Wrong.Right. 1998. They were in St. Petersburg from 1946-1997. Before that: Cairo, Ill., from 1943-45. Yes, Cairo, Illinois.
2. Mark McGwire, the hitting coach, joined the club last year. Counting McGwire, how many hitting coaches have the Cards had in Tony LaRussa's 16 seasons?
Wrong.Right. Six. George Hendrick, Dave Parker, Mike Easler, Mitch Page, Hal McRae, McGwire. And one pitching coach.
3. The Cardinals spring training home in Jupiter is Roger Dean Stadium, which they now share with the Florida Marlins. Who is Roger Dean?
Wrong.Right. He is a Chevy/Buick/GMC dealer in Florida. I can see it now: Dave Sinclair Stadium.
4. During the regular season, Roger Dean Stadium is home to the Class A Jupiter Hammerheads. Which major league team was the first to share the Jupiter complex with the Cardinals for spring training?
Wrong.Right. Montreal Expos. The Expos are now the Washington Nationals and practice in Melbourne. The locals consider the Nationals their minor league team.
5. In 1951, the Yankees held spring training in Arizona for the first time and a rookie named Mickey Mantle turned some heads. The Yankees are back in Florida now, but how many teams hold spring training in Arizona?
Wrong.Right. 15 in each state. The Cactus League has teams in Arizona cities including Goodyear, Peoria and Surprise.
6. Albert Pujols will be entering his 11th season with the Cardinals. In his first 10 years, how many All-Star games did he play in?
Wrong.Right. Eight. He was on the squad in nine games, but he didn't play in 2007 because of NL manager Tony LaRussa's "interesting" strategy.
7. Uniform number 25 has been retired by just one team, the Houston Astros, to honor Jose Cruz. How many Cardinals players have worn No. 25 since Mark McGwire last played for the team in 2001?
Wrong.Right. None. Another famous number 25: Barry Bonds. Hmmmm.
8. The Cardinals have won 1,318 games with Dave Duncan as their pitching coach. How many games did he win as a big-league pitcher?
Wrong.Right. Zero. Duncan was a catcher. He played on the Oakland Athletics for three years with a 2nd baseman named Tony LaRussa.
9. Tony LaRussa played for six seasons in the majors, making it into 132 games total. How many home runs did he hit as a big-league player?
Wrong.Right. None. Career batting average: .199. But it was a hard .199. If he managed himself, he'd bat ninth.
10. The Cards will play three American League teams in spring training (Red Sox, Twins, Tigers.) Which AL team has never played a regular-season game in St. Louis?
Wrong.Right. Texas Rangers. Call me old-fashioned, but the only interleague play that really matters happens in October. And maybe November.
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CREDITS: Quiz by Rick Hummel and Tom Borgman
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