Charges were dropped today against Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar for his role in a July 20 altercation outside a nightclub in the South Beach area of Miami Beach.

"In anticipation of the arraignment scheduled for today, I reached out to the prosecutor," Dunbar's attorney, Howard Srebnick, told the Post-Dispatch. "My investigation had corroborated that Mr. Dunbar was not guilty of any crime. In court today (at the arraignment hearing), the prosecutor notified the judge that no charges would be pursued against Mr. Dunbar. Case is closed."

Initial reports indicated that Dunbar would be charged with felony battery. Instead, Dunbar was charged with disorderly conduct _ a misdemeanor.

Former NBA player Donte Greene as well as Greene's brother, Dmetrique Greene, were involved in the fight with Dunbar outside the Club Dream in Miami Beach. Donte Greene had to be restrained with a taser gun after striking Dunbar from behind. Police said they were worried about Dunbar's safety at that point. Dunbar told police he was trying to defend himself.

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