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December 16, 2010 4:22 pm  • 
Jeremy Rutherford: OK, sorry I'm late ... let's get chatting

Fife: With Oshie, Perron, McDonald, Polak, Petro, and now apparently EJ injured, do you see the Blues making a move? If so, do you think the Blues could/would go after someone who's actually worth it? Someone like Brad Richards or Alex Semin...

Jeremy Rutherford: Doug Armstrong has been looking for a while now, and there doesn't appear to be much available. His comments in the Post the other day told the story. He doesn't have much depth to trade from, so filling a hole will be creating a hole. Making a salary-for-salary trade likely won't help the Blues, and with the investor search ongoing, it doesn't appear they're in the market to trade prospects for big-money players. Players like Richards and Semin are definitely not in the picture. I would expect more subtle moves, and finding legitimate skill being a huge obstacle for the GM.

David: How the heck have the Blues been coming down with so many injuries the past few years, especially to key players? Is it really that much bad luck? Is there something in the training regimen that still leaves the Blues vulnerable somehow? Does the curse of Ralston Purina (which I hold responsible for us not winning a Stanley Cup in 43 years) apply to this as well?

Are other NHL teams hit this badly so consistently as well? If not, what is it that they do differently that we can learn from (Detroit, for example)?

Jeremy Rutherford: I'm not opposed to evaluating the "conditioning" aspect under normal circumstances. If the Blues had a rash of groin injuries or hip-flexors, then yes, it could be something to do with the conditioning and training methods used by the team. But when Joe Thornton throws a heavy hit into David Perron, or Andy McDonald goes sliding into Shawn Horcoff, or Sami Pahlsson falls on top of T.J. Oshie, those are conditioning issues.

Yes, other NHL teams have plenty of injuries, and to key players. Look at Chicago now, which is without Hossa and Kane. But in six years of covering the league, I can't think of a team who had as MANY injuries to KEY players.

Kevin: Jr,
Question: why is our front office so quiet and secretive? I feel like blues fans are dying to hear ANY good news for a change, yet they tell us nothing... What's the status on Perron, Polak, Pietrangelo, are we getting anywhere on the trade front? Are we even looking anymore? Do we have an investor? I am sure I speak for alot of folks who would love to hear something from our management... Thanks JR, appreciate all you do

Jeremy Rutherford: I agree that the Blues' front office is quiet and, to a degree, secretive. I realize many sports are hush-hush about their injuries, but the NHL takes the cake. Within one hour of Tom Brady going down a couple of years ago, it was known that he had a torn ACL. When Erik Johnson had his accident, it was a week before we knew the verdict.

With that said, there's nothing to report on Perron or McDonald. Concussions are a different animal. The Blues have been up front about Polak. Armstrong said he didn't think Pietrangelo's injury was serious, and while he won't play tonight, he did practice today. So I think the Blues have been more forthright than some NHL clubs about their injuries.

I definitely think they could tell us more about the investor search, but with regard to those topics, many cling to the confidentiality agreements. That's the way it is in business ventures.

Sarg: Hey JR, here's my question. How much longer are the Blues going to expect fans to pay BIG BUCKS to watch a bunch of High School level hockey players skate around and watch these other NHL level teams SKATE ALL OVER THEM? Isn't this getting old even for the team owners? I'm 44 this year. I was born in 1966. I'm one year older than the Blues, and I am SICK OF IT.

Either get some talent in here to WIN SOME GAMES, or I think I'll just become a baseball fan. I'll cut my throat while I'm at it, but this is getting REDICULOUS. Every FREAKIN YEAR, same thing. LOSERS!!!!!!!

Jeremy Rutherford:  If you were born in '66, that's 36 + 10 ... OK, you are 44.

I feel your pain. I do agree, and I've said this since last season, that the Blues needed a legitimate scoring threat. I wrote that they couldn't rely on the guys that they had, not because they weren't talented, but because they weren't proven. Yes, Boyes scored 43 a few years ago, but he had 14 last year. So I agree that pressure needed to be put on ownership and management this year.

But the team got off to a great start (9-1-2). The Blues have had injuries, which is no excuse. But very few teams in the league could sustain the number of injuries they've had and still put a quality NHL team on the ice. The Blues are in a very bad spot, and part of it is their own doing, not spending money to guarantee a better a club. But they can do little about the massive number of injuries this season.

bmt322: JR,

In all the player and coach interviews, each person is saying that they can't think about the injuries and they just have to carry on with the group they have. Of course, this is the professional thing to say and (hopefully) do (well). But behind the scenes or wherever, have you seen signs of complete frustration? Like any little breakdowns of players who are not injured? I can only imagine what the injured players are going through.

Now of course you can't name names, but I'm just curious about the psychology of this injury bug, because it is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in sports injuries. We're talking about here, in my view, the top 3 forwards (maybe Steen is top 3) and the top 3 defensemen being out.

And major kudos to Davis Payne having to deal with this in his first full season. I think he has kept his composure very well.

Thanks for your time. Sorry for the long question/post, just frustrated, like everyone else.

Jeremy Rutherford: It's evident that the instructions from the top JD/Doug Armstrong/Davis Payne was that this team was not going to make excuses about the injuries. I can talk to 10 people and hear the same words, so the message has been spread. But yes, in regular conversations with the players, not for print, they're frustrated by the turn of events. Everyone of them believes this team would have kept up the early pace if not for the rash of injuries.

Scott L: Hey JR:

About 1/4 of our team is out with injuries. Is it time for the Blues to make a move? I don't see us being a playoff contender much longer if we are relying on players in Peoria. Also, are there any indications that someone is at least close to returning?

Jeremy Rutherford: I've answered the first part of the question earlier. As far as players returning, right now Alex Pietrangelo (upper-body, day-to-day) is the closest. He might play Saturday, or possibly next week. Everyone else is indefinite.

Greg S.: Attention JD and Doug Armstrong! The loyal Blues fans are tired of talk and patience. We want our team to take a run at the Cup! It is time to put up or shut up. Yes, I know you can't predict having players taking their turn on the IR list. Please don't sit quietly on your thumbs and not make a move to improve and contend. Armstrong and JD need to ask Mr. Checketts for an early Christmas present.

Jeremy Rutherford: Well, I gave you a chance to have your voice heard ... but I can't promise who reads the chat. I take that back. A guy at Schnucks the other day told me that he reads it.

JS5981: Hey JR,

Is there any truth to the rumor that the St. Louis Blues are gonna be renamed to the St. Louis Rivermen at the All Star break? All kidding aside, is it even worth it now to make a trade or do they just sit tight and wait for that high draft pick in next year's draft?


Jeremy Rutherford: Armstrong has said that he doesn't want to respond to the short-term in a way that will affect the team in the long-term. I understand that Blues fans have heard that for five years, and I agree that it's getting old. But in situation, it may be the best approach.

You can trade Ian Cole and Philip McRae and Jake Allen for Brad Richards. Great! Then Brad Richards signs with LA next summer and what do you have left?

Andrew Sampson: Hi Jeremy

Nevermind a trade, should the Blues go out and sign Hawkeye Pierce to head up the team's MASH unit? These injuries are getting ridiculous! What do you think of putting Steen, Berglund, and Boyes together?

Jeremy Rutherford: The TV ratings have been good this year, so I don't think the Blues need the MASH characters.

The Blues can put Steen, Boyes and Berglund together ... what are they going to get back? Let's hypothetically say that Washington will take those three for Semin. What does that do? Now the Blues have a prolific offensive player, and he's playing with two guys from Peoria. There has to be a plan.

Jeremy Rutherford: I'm sure glad I'm chugging a Red Bull while doing today's chat.

J Mutto: In view of the rash of injuries, i would like to know your thoughts on Mark Cundari. Will he get a shot at the big club anytime soon or will he remain buried in Peoria? Thanks

Jeremy Rutherford: I like Cundari. He's looked pretty good in camp, and he has tremendous junior experience on his resume. He's a little undersized, but he can play. When Johnson went down last night, Cundari and Nikitin were the two players who got consideration for the call-up and it went to Nikitin. I think Cundari will get a chance, but Nikitin has a little NHL experience and right now that's what the Blues needed.

MSS99: JR,

Just wondering what the Blues organization's lack of depth at forwards with scoring talent in Peoria can be attributed to for these past few years? Do all organizations struggle with the same thing? Or has it been a misread in talent evaluation?

Sad to see Johnson possibly have another serious injury and who knows if Perron will even recover from the concussion. I'm just hoping that Perron will play next year. It's exciting to see Cole play like he has and all Blues fans need to rally around these guys and hopefully the guys that need to step up will. Their good start has them still in it thankfully.

Thanks JR for your chats and hard work following our beloved Blues!

Jeremy Rutherford: The reason the Blues have had a lack of forward depth in Peoria is this ...

1. The forwards they drafted went from junior/college hockey/Europe to the NHL (Perron, Oshie, Berglund, etc).
2. They have loaded up on defensemen in recent years in the first round (Johnson, Pietrangelo, Rundblad, Cole, etc.)
3. The forwards they did have, they traded (Palushaj, Eller, etc.). That's why you saw the team deal Rundblad for the pick that got them Tarasenko this year. They were trying to balance out the system.

HawgDaddy: JR
Do the Blues have any players going in this year's World Junior tournament? Do you know if the games will be shown on NHL network this year?

Jeremy Rutherford: Not all of the rosters have been released, but Jaden Schwartz was named to Team Canada, and I believe Wannstrom, their other recent draft pick, was named to Sweden's roster.

Smooth 21 Fan: J.R. Glad you are feeling better these days.. Sorry we can not say the same about the Blues. My Question's are I know we do not have a new investor in place as of yet but is that why we are not going out and getting a player or two? Or is the asking price to steep? Thanks in advance J.R.

Jeremy Rutherford: The investor search is an issue ... however, if Checketts announced a new investor today, I don't think that would allow Doug Armstrong to go out and make a headline deal. Even with a new investor, the Blues have financial constraints. Do fans have the right to be upset because they buy season tickets and sellout the building, and the team can't go out and find a goal scorer? Sure. But the financial situation is what it is, and nothing in the immediate future is going to change it drastically.

Terrapin03: JR -

It hard to say whether the Blues will be more desperate for offense or defense once EJ's status becomes clearer. If the team does make a move for a player do you have a sense of what their top priority will be?

Jeremy Rutherford: We should perhaps wait until we hear Johnson's status. But if Johnson happens to be out long-term, I would think defense would be the priority. The Blues aren't going to win many more games with the offensive options that are likely available around the league. But they could probably find a defenseman who help man the fort until some the blue-liners come back.

gottheblues: Hey JR: I just dont understand the amount of penalties this team takes on a nightly basis. It killed them again last night. What are the thought processes of the players and coaches and how do we minimize these game changing moments?

Jeremy Rutherford: The Blues are averaging the most penalty minutes per game in the league. It doesn't matter which way you shake it, that's not good. But as I mentioned in recent weeks, I've covered Blues teams that were a lot more undisciplined. This team has kept its cool for the most part.

Last night, they did not. David Backes can NOT take those cross-checking penalties in the second period. You can NOT put the Red Wings on the power play in a 1-1 or 2-1 game. He is a leader on this club and has to set a better example.

Davis Payne was not happy with the lack of discipline last night and he shouldn't have been.

Jeremy Rutherford:
The jumbo sugar-free Red Bull is gone. I need another.

Mark: JR, what's the most positive thing you can think of regarding the Blues at this point? The one bright spot. I know it might take some doing to think of something but I'm looking for something ANYTHING positive at this point. Thank you.

Jeremy Rutherford: They play a lot of home games this month?

The Peoria players are getting an extended, extended, extended look?

Davis Payne is getting a chance to coach under extreme, extreme circumstances?

IL Blues: Hey JR, hope you and your family have a Happy Holiday.

Did you get a chance to watch the HBO series 24/7 Pens/Caps Winter Classic? I thought it was interesting to see the Pens GM ask the coach after each game how he rates each player on performance. Are you aware of the Blues doing any rating system after each game or weekly? Thanks.

Jeremy Rutherford: I have not. I've been watching re-runs of ER ... I mean the Blues. Seriously, I can't wait to sit down and watch the HBO series. I've heard nothing but good things.

As far as the ratings' system, it is VERY common. Andy Murray was a big in that. He would go over every player with management after every game. The assistant coaches all have a ratings system and report their evaluation to the coach on a piece of paper. The evaluations would be compiled and analyzed after EVERY game. I'm sure Payne and his staff do the same thing, although I'm not as familiar with their process.

firewoods2000: watching Ian Cole last night, I was struck by how complete of a game he played. He was diving into seams to generate offense, great defensive positioning, etc. I haven't seen all of his games, but this has to rate as the best I've seen from him. I thought he played as well as Brewer and Jackman (which was very well last night). Do you think he elevated because of all the friends and family present or do you think this is what we can get used to seeing?

Contrasting with Cole, I've been a little disappointed with Strachan- he doesn't seem to be as solid as he was down the stretch last year...

Jeremy Rutherford: Cole has a lot of talent and I think he's just beginning to scratch the surface. He's very good positionally and with regard to his decision making ... very good hockey sense. I think Strachan provides good depth for the Blues, especially considering the circumstances, but it's tough to contrast a first-round pick (Cole) with a fifth-round pick (Strachan) who was never signed the team that drafted him (Calgary) and was signed as a minor-league free agent by another club.

B-funk: I'm trying to keep myself upbeat, but it sure isn't easy. How do the players ignore all this injury stuff and keep their heads up? (Taping Oshie's crutches together is a nice touch) Or do they start to lose hope? I know the ansers that the staff give to the media, but do you see any slumping shoulders when the cameras turn the other way? Or do all these hungry minor leaguers keep the energy up?

In an effort to find the positive, our Rivermen didn't look half bad against the Redwings. They actually looked dominant in some of the 1st period.

Jeremy Rutherford: Well, let's just say there haven't been as many practical jokes this season (like Berglund taping Oshie's crutches) as there have been in the past.

Andrew: Hey, JR.
We have seen concussions being treated more cautiously across all sports as of late. To what extend do you think this will effect the returns of McDonald and Perron?

Jeremy Rutherford: There's obviously a focus on concussions these days, but I think we saw with the return of Janssen and Colaiacovo after 18 days earlier this season that if a players is symptom-free, they'll be back. Perron is not symptom-free and thus hasn't skated yet. McDonald's concussion was a lot more recent, and he's had concussion problems in the past, so I think it'll be a while before we seen him. But the fact that concussions are in the news more these days shouldn't keep them out longer.

Louie: Is there any interest in signing free agent Marc-Andre Bergeron? Do you think he would be a good pick-up?

Jeremy Rutherford: Not that Bergeron has better options, but he might be looking for a better situation than the Blues right now. I read that he was talking to Tampa Bay earlier this month and I don't know where that went. Despite the offseason surgery, if he's ready to contribute, he could probably help ... especially on the power play. But I don't know where he stands right now with his comeback.

1967blues: I dont think EJ ever regained his form from the first injury. He never seemed like the player he was once . What do you think?

Jeremy Rutherford: Well he did post 39 points in his first year back after the surgery, so I think we saw shades of the player he can become. Some doctors said that the second year back would be tougher than the first year. After those 39 points last year, this season has been a disappointment in that area, and his overall game probably isn't where many thought it would be 30 games into the season. Perhaps it would be different if the Blues had Polak available, and he and Jackman could work as the shutdown pair, allowing Johnson to develop his own game. But youc can't make excuses. Johnson was a No. 1 overall pick, something he'll always live with, and if he doesn't live up to it, he'll be criticized. But as I've said in the past, while I have some reservations with him, I still think the potential is there.

davelaz: Jonathan Cheechoo: 30 pts (11g, 19a) in 28 games in the AHL. Just sayin'.

Jeremy Rutherford: In normal conditions, I would say no. But under these conditions, you might have to take a flier. At least he has NHL experience.

bigbluesfan22: Hey Jeremy. Any idea on when an announcement will come regarding EJ's status?

Jeremy Rutherford: The only thing I'm hearing is that the Blues are re-evaluating him this afternoon, and the results could be made announced this afternoon, or this evening.

John: Is Cracknell playing tonight? I really like this guy.

Jeremy Rutherford: I wasn't at practice this morning (flew home from Detroit), so I'm not sure. But he looked fairly good in limited minutes last night and definitely deserves another shot.

djm448: They say injuries are not an excuse. But at what point do they become a reason?

Jeremy Rutherford: I asked Armstrong last night that at some point there has to be a breaking point with injuries, where you go from "We've got to deal with them" to "This is crazy." He kept a straight face and rolled out the company line, so evidently the injury to Johnson has not pushed management onto the ledge, at least not publicly.

firewoods2000: trying to be positive... any word on Tarasenko? is he being counted on to step in next year? how much impact does having Tarasenko and Schwarz(?) in the system have on Armstrong looking for goal scoring?

Jeremy Rutherford: From what I read, Tarasenko is having a good year in Russia and as far as I know, the plan is to have him in training camp next season.

Shawn: When a team is in dire need of O-ffense, why have they not promoted their top offensive players from Peoria, like McRae or Mink? I'd rather see these guys than muckers like Scatchard and Porter. What gives?

Jeremy Rutherford: I asked Armstrong that question last night and his answer is in my Blues' notebook today. The club has called up seven forwards from Peoria, but not one of its leading scorers (Graham Mink) and not its scoring leader (Philip McRae). Army said the Blues have called up the guys who have giventhe team the best chance to win. Despite Mink's point totals, there are questions about how he'd do at this level. Remember he's 31 and didn't have many other options besides St. Louis. And McRae needs AHL seasoning. So there are reasons, but at some point, you probably have to give them a look. There's not much you could lose.

rshoe: JR, Thanks. Couple of off topic will be a break for you. First, what is the quantity of equipment that each player has? For example, I am poor....I have one pair of each: skates, shin guards, elbow pads, shorts, gloves, etc. I have 1 helmet and several sticks. What does each players arsenal look like? How much do they take on the road? If they bust a skate beyond repair do they have another pair? Just curious.

Second, how are players disciplined? Another example, at work, if I don't produce x amount of widgets for what I get paid, I get canned. Brad Boyes is being paid to score goals, he isn't scoring, what action does management take?

Jeremy Rutherford: So this is my 2-minute union break? Thanks!

I'm sure these guys have a ton of equipment stored up somewhere. But in terms of what they have at Scottrade and the Mills, they have their game gear and their practice gear. When you're talking about packing for 23 guys, the equipment guys wouldn't like it too much if you wanted to bring three sets of gloves on the road.

In pro sports, you get paid no matter how much you produce. I've had people tell me they should take away a paycheck if a guy doesn't score. Perhaps Dave Checketts would like that plan, but that's not how it works. There is team-elected salary arbitration, but we've yet to see it in action.

wxbum: Is it true that the Hockey Gods hate us? And if so, has JD and Doug Armstrong considered making a sacrifice in their honor?

Jeremy Rutherford: Yes, they do hate Blues. I follow them on Twitter (@hockeygods), and today they were tweeting "Hahahaha"

Quas: Any call-up today to replace EJ?

Jeremy Rutherford: He has one of the best names in sports: Nikita Nikitin.

David: Okay, kind two fun questions to lighten the mood.
If having more penalty minutes is bad in the real game, then how come having more penalty minutes wins you the category in fantasy hockey?

And is the Red Bull to help you stay awake in the midst of back-to-back games (road and home moretheless) or to stay awake in the midst of the same questions over and over again about the Blues's struggles?

Jeremy Rutherford:
1. Don't get me started on penalty minutes being rewarded in fantasy hockey. When you lose a game because the other team had more tripping calls against them ... are you kidding me? That's like getting points for fumbles.

2. Both. But I do like the questions. That's what I'm here for. Dr. Phil at your service.

Bill: Would the Blues look to trade a goaltender (Conklin, Bishop or Allen) for offensive help?

Jeremy Rutherford:
Now that's creative.

NachoFiesta: If EJ is out for awhile, is it fair to say Cole is likely up for good? At least he and Petro (until they suffer their season-long injuries later this month, pardon the caustic assumption) won't be rookies heading into next year.

Jeremy Rutherford: I would tell you that Cole should buy a house in St. Louis.

Scott L: JR:

Red Bull your favorite energy drink?

Jeremy Rutherford: It's the best drink I'm allowed to drink while working.

djm448: What prospects are we looking at to make the jump to NHL/AHL for next season? What players can you see making the NHL roster out of camp, and which ones will be have for depth sitting in Peoria?

Jeremy Rutherford: Tarasenko possibly, McRae maybe ... too early to tell who could make it, but those are two candidates. Although I would caution that both probably have to put in some more time. Another year for McRae in Peoria wouldn't hurt. I haven't seen enough of Tarasenko to know if he'll be NHL-ready next year.

Mike: JR, what's it going to take to light a fire in Brad Boyes??

Jeremy Rutherford: Maybe an actual fire.

ptmfus: JR, thanks as always for taking questions.
just a couple for you today:

1) will we have another player (or coach) Q&A session as you did with perron earlier in the year?

2) i heard today that we have 102 man-games missed by blues this year due to injuries. where are other teams in the league in regards to this? i would have to think that we are (sadly) leading in this aspect of the game.

good luck to those who are left, and to those that are down, get well soon, we need you. LET'S GO BLUES/rivermen!

Jeremy Rutherford:
1) I'm looking for someone who's healthy.

2) Each teams keep track of their individual man games lost, but off the top of my head, I don't know of a website where you could look up every team. The Blues might be on the high end right now, but there are plenty of significant injuries around the league.

Dan in San Antonio: Given the back to backs, and that Conklin would start one of the two, why wouldn't he start against his old team? Not that Halak cost us the game. He played well all things considered.

Jeremy Rutherford: I did think about that on my flight home today: why not Conklin against Detroit and Halak tonight. But the Blues will get criticized either way. They started Conklin against Chicago and many people moaned that you should start your No. 1 against the division rival. I could see it either way.

Goombah: I for one hope the blues sit tight and dont make a deal unless we can pull off a steal of a trade like the halak trade or the steen\cola trade otherwise we are just pissing in the wind.

Why is reeves not playing\called up anymore? I know he came up early when cam was hurt and looked good throwing his weight around until he got tossed from the game for not being tied down. That is how we are going to have to win games until healthy...muscle up

Jeremy Rutherford: Reeves did OK when he was hear, but I guarantee that if you put a bug in the Blues' offices these days, they aren't talking about whether to bring Reeves up. The Blues may need some muscle, but they need as many guys playing the system as possible. Not that Reeves can't play the system, but guys like Porter and Scatchard are pretty reliable.

Spear: Any chance the Blues send a covert team to the WJC and kidnap Schwartz and Tarasenko? Outside of that, is there any downside to try and resurrect Cheechoo here?

Jeremy Rutherford: Like a Cuba baseball player defecting? The Blues should go to the airport, take Schwartz and Tarasenko into a separate room, put a mask on them and fly them to St. Louis. If not for real-life purposes, it would make a good hockey movie.

David: With respect to the investor issue, didn't Towerbrook say that operations wouldn't be affected while they were still part of the ownership, or is that completely separate from the Blues being able to afford a big contract (throwing out the fact that there isn't anybody out there the Blues are able to bring in due to other factors besides money)?

I just realized that as compared to other STLToday sports chats, Blues fans do really well with regards to spelling, capitalization, grammar, and whatnot. Are Blues fans that much smarter, do you cherry-pick, or both?

Jeremy Rutherford: The Blues and Towerbrook can say that day-to-day operations aren't affected by the investor search. But when the payroll is slashed by $6-8 million, there's evidence to the contrary.

Blues fans are very, very intelligent, and I have never once cleaned up one typo or changed grammar ;) ... if you believe that, I got land in Times Beach I will sell you.

Jake Allen: Would the Blues think of trading Conklin (possibly to Buffalo) for Pominville or Connolly. Buffalo needs a backup and we could promote Bishop.

Jeremy Rutherford: While I think Conklin is extremely valuable to the Blues, I don't think he would net much in a trade. He's going to be a UFA and while some teams need backups, it's not typically a priority. Sure, if the year is lost to injuries, the experience would be good for Bishop. But riding out Conklin's deal, or possibily re-signing him and keeping Bishop and Allen in Peoria would probably be more beneficial.

Ryan: JR, I can only imagine the amount of ridiculous posts/questions you're getting today. For entertainment's sake could you post the most ridiculous question you've received today? Thanks!

Jeremy Rutherford: Yeah ...

How about this one: "JR, I can only imagine the amount of ridiculous posts/questions you're getting today. For entertainment's sake could you post the most ridiculous question you've received today? Thanks!" - Ryan

Did you send this other one, too:

"JR, any truth to the rumor that EJ tore his MCL and might have re-torn his ACL?" - Ryan

gobluenotes: The guy talking about Steen, Berglund and Boyes meant as a line not in a trade. The Blues hands are tied. They will get a bad deal in any trade they make. They are desperate and other teams know that. My question is when the ownership thing is resolved will the Blues self impossed cap go up? Thanks JR for your time!

Jeremy Rutherford: I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood.

On the ownership front, we'll have to wait until that's resolved before knowing how things will change financially.

SirPaste9: So who is the next player to go down?

Jeremy Rutherford: I can't think of who's left.

The Red Bull is wearing off, so I'm going to close up shop here and get ready for tonight's game.

Jeremy Rutherford:
I'm sure that I provided zero insight into the injury situation. The Blues are saying that there will be an announcement tonight on EJ's status, so stay tuned. Thanks for the questions.

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