TRIVIA: Twins can't wait to spill beans

2011-04-15T16:15:00Z 2013-01-21T11:43:06Z TRIVIA: Twins can't wait to spill beansBy Kevin Carbery
April 15, 2011 4:15 pm  • 

You can't get away with anything at my house.

Not with our twin daughters, Holly and Heidi, running around the place and keeping an eye on everything.

For instance, if my wife assigns our teenage son a chore and he is slow in getting to it, his mother does not have to check on him. One of his sisters will run down the hall yelling, "Brandon's not picking up his room like you said!" He then must scramble to act like he was getting ready to clear his floor of all the dirty clothes he has left there,

Heidi and Holly also snitch on me to their momma, so I need to watch what I say and do in front of them. But, because they are the cutest little tattletales in the world, I can't get mad at the little angels.

It can be a bit startling, however, to think no one's around when you scarf down a quick snack, only to turn around and have one of them ask, "What are you eating, daddy?" They have learned enough to know it's probably not a carrot, like I try and tell them.

The girls give me reports on my wife. She may or may not want to tell me about a new purchase she has made, but the dolls can not wait to spring the news to me.

When we see the grandmas and grandpas, anything that has happened to us since the last visit will be spilled to them.

The reason I am writing about Holly and Heidi again is that Friday is their 7th birthday. Daddy can't believe you're this big already. Happy birthday, girlies! I love you.

Just because I think it's appropriate, the topic of this trivia quiz is kiddie shows.

1. Shep, a talking dog, is a character from which cartoon set at a ranch?

2. Jambi the genie and Miss Yvonne were supporting characters on which children's show?

3. Who starred as the title character on "Captain Kangaroo"?

4. "Fun With Music Day" and "Anything Can Happen Day" were part of which program?

5. Steve and Joe have been human characters helping young viewers solve little mysteries concocted by the title character on which part-animated, part-live action series?

6. Snook the sloth and his friends have been featured on which kiddie show?

7. Between "Ren and Stimpy," which one was a cat?

8. "Handy Manny" is set in what town?

9. Which actor is the voice of the title character in "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" on PBS?

10. What 1970s PBS children's show had a cast that included Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno and Morgan Freeman?

ANSWERS: 1. "Horseland." My twins, who are extremely interested in animals, enjoy this program. 2. "Pee-Wee's Playhouse." 3. Bob Keeshan. I tuned in to the captain every weekday morning. 4. "The Mickey Mouse Club." 5. "Blue's Clues." 6. "It's a Big, Big World." The theme song to this is something you can't get out of your head once you hear it. 7. Stimpy. 8. Sheetrock Hills. 9. Martin Short. 10. "The Electric Company."

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