During the weekend of July 4, Gettysburg will mark 150 years since what's been called the bloodiest battle on U.S. soil.

Recently, the American Bus Association, in its survey of group tour operators throughout the country, ranked Gettysburg, 150th Anniversary Commemoration (June 28 to July 7, 2013) as the top event in the United States.

Part of the activities will include the new Seminary Ridge Museum, which is on track to open July 1. 

The new museum is undergoing a $15 million renovation on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.

The building was used as both a Union and Confederate hospital after the fighting on July 1, 1863. It’s been called the most important Civil War structure not owned by a public entity.

The Seminary Ridge Museum, spread out over 20,000 square feet and four floors, will feature exhibits and artifacts highlighting the stories of soldiers and nurses from the war.

The project also includes an outdoor walking trail with historical markers detailing the history of the campus and its role in the battle. 

For more information, call 1-717- 338-3030 or visit www.seminaryridge.org.

Amy Bertrand is Home and Away and Let's Eat editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.