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Conversations with St. Louis leaders. Presented by The Hartford

Our readers love to travel, especially now that we feel a little safer. If you've been on a vacation lately, we'd love to see a photo. Send one in and you may be featured, too. 

Q • I seeded several bare areas in my lawn with tall fescue a few weeks ago, but nothing came up. I prepared the soil well and kept it moist, and the seed had a high germination percentage. What went wrong?

A Brazilian nonprofit has created a new model for land ownership that welcomes both local people and scientists to collaborate in preserving the Amazon, the world’s largest tropical forest. The goal is to create something replicable for other parts of the Amazon and slow the deforestation rates that have destroyed 10% of the entire forest in the last 40 years.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch beat writer Tom Timmermann and Carter Chapley try to diagnose the woes that face this team before diving into the history of the St. Louis-Kansas City soccer rivalry ahead of their upcoming game. 


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