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Fiction by Percival Everett and Ling Ma, nonfiction by Annie Proulx and biographies of George Balanchine and J. Edgar Hoover are among the finalists for National Book Critics Circle awards. Former U.S. poet laureate Joy Harjo has won an honorary award for lifetime achievement. Last fall’s National Book Award winner for fiction, Tess Gunty’s “The Rabbit Hutch,” is a nominee for best first book. Other finalists announced Tuesday night include Ed Yong’s “An Immense World” and the poetry collection “Milkweed Smithereens,” by Bernadette Mayer, who died in November at age 77. Winners will be announced March 23 during a ceremony in Manhattan.

Made with light-as-air wafers, real cocoa and mint and topped with a flaky sea salt, these new snacks from Hostess were a big hit in my family. Each piece is about the size of a quarter (but square in shape) and have about 25 calories. Two of them completely satisfied my craving for sweets. …

Honey brings a sweet taste to this stir-fried chicken. I like crisp stir-fries (not steamed), and TV chef Martin Yan gave me some tips. He said it’s important to let the ingredients sit for about a minute when added to the hot wok before tossing them. This allows the wok to regain its heat after the cold ingredients have been added. A small amount of dry sherry is called for in the chicken ...

It’s a big deal when leading Missouri Republicans put their names behind legislation to curb gun access in any form. In this case, a state House bill backed by a top Republican would restrict minors from having guns without an adult present. It’s amazing that state law doesn’t already addres…

What is the justice system in the United States of America: a means to punish or a way to facilitate rehabilitation? Whatever the answer might be, the result is the same. Those found guilty serve their time and are released (unless serving life without parole). Unfortunately, it’s far more c…

A procedural vote Wednesday in the House showed unified Republican support in moving to oust Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. GOP lawmakers say they're taking action because of the Minnesota congresswoman's past comments critical of Israel. The Somali-born Muslim lawmaker has apologized for her remarks and says the GOP push is really about “revenge” and “appeasing” former President Donald Trump. The move is seen as Republican payback after then-majority Democrats in the last Congress booted far-right GOP lawmakers from committees for their incendiary remarks. A final House vote about Omar's committee status is expected Thursday.

The Federal Reserve extended its fight against high inflation by raising its key interest rate a quarter-point, its eighth hike since March. And the Fed signaled that even though inflation is easing, it remains high enough to require further rate hikes. At the same time, Chair Jerome Powell said at a news conference that the Fed recognizes that the pace of inflation has cooled  — a signal that it could be nearing the end of its rate increases. The stock and bond markets rallied during his news conference, suggesting that they anticipate a forthcoming pause in the Fed’s credit tightening.


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