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Hearing Aid Field
ield TTrial
You or your family member may be eligible
ible for
hearing aids at little or no cost to you!
• Do people mumble? • Are you experiencing hearing
ing difficulties?
• Do you feel like a bother to others due to your problems
oblems hearing?
If you answered
yes to any of these
questions, you may
qualify for hearing
aids at little or
no cost to you.

Invisible, slips
ear easilyy, and
it is extreemely

We are seeking 100 people to try a new, INVISIBLE hearing aid*,
designed to improve hearing in noisy places, eliminate feedback, and
make listening to family and friends enjoyable again.
ticipants to qualify
At the conclusion of this program, the first 100 participants
may keep these hearing aids and enjoy tremendous savings.
Don’t wait - Please take a moment and call now. Even if you are
not sure if you need hearing aids, call now. A FREE hearing
screening will determine if this program is right for you...
Southwestern Hearing has 30 convenient locations!

Speak One-on-One with
our friendly licensed hearing
professionals. We are experts
in hearing loss, and will work
with you to help find the best
solution for your personal
hearing difficulties.


Hearing Centers


*Level of invisibility will vary based on the anatomy of your ear. All hearing tests are conducted by a licensed hearing instrument specialist.


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