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Prostate Cancer
Survivors Reclaiming
Their Intimacy
If you have been
a victim of
Prostate Cancer
and Erectile
you can be active
in the bedroom

Even after prostate cancer,
couples are happy, feeling well,
and satisfied with
successful results.

Are you or your loved one experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) due to prostate cancer?
Don’t lose hope. There is a medically based solution available for you.
The St. Louis Men’s Clinic has successfully treated and helped men regain their intimacy. Even if.....
1. You or your spouse had the prostate removed and are no longer able to get or
maintain an erection.
2. You had radiation therapy, whether by external beam or radioactive seed implants,
leading to erectile dysfunction.

The entire practice is focused on solving your E.D.
Everyday, men and their spouses choose to visit the St. Louis Men’s Clinic to receive help. They’ve
tried pills, pumps and lotions, all without much success. Occasionally, they’ve been told to give up
hope or a chance of intimacy again.
The St. Louis Men’s Clinic will provide a test dose for you right in their office so you can see the
results for yourself.

If this is real, why can’t my current doctor
solve my problem?
Solving E.D. is their “thing”. The St. Louis Men’s Clinic is proud to help men reclaim their
intimacy in the bedroom.
They are the Special Forces solving E.D. with their highly trained physicians who are educated
on the nuances of E.D. and its solution.
Most doctors have only a few solutions. The St. Louis Men’s Clinic has over 50 different
customized formulations to help solve your E.D.

Don’t lose hope! There is a solution!
St. Louis Men’s Clinic’s licensed physicians have many years of experience and deliver results for
over 12 new patients a day, regardless of age, medical history or condition.
Men who’ve been on the sidelines for years are experiencing amazing results thanks to the St. Louis
Men’s Clinic.

They won’t charge you for the office visi
if you don’t get results!

Yes, if you don’t experience results during your first office visit, the St. Louis Men’s Cinic will
refund 100% of the visit. That’s how confident they are that you’ll get results. You won’t find a
better guarantee from any physician.

Specializing in Men’s Sexual Health

For more information, and to schedule a private exam with one of
our doctors, call now 314.282.8080!
777 South New Ballas Rd., Suite 119 W, St. Louis, MO 63141

Office visit AND ALL testing only $99


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