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Now available in the U.S. without a prescription!

New breakthrough is ending “battle of the bulge” for
Americans who have tried everything else. Doctors are
impressed how safe and effective it is.
By Michael Plane
National Health Press
Nancy Holm of Salt
Lake City, Utah had
tried 18 different diets and diet products
without success.
“I was so frustrated. I was about give
up and not even try
anymore. But I really
wanted to feel better,
look better, and have
more energy for my
4 grandchildren who
are the joy of my life”
she said with a proud
Nancy’s lucky break
came one afternoon
while watching TV.
A news special about
weight loss was on,
and the expert being
interviewed on PBSTV was Dr. Eric Wood,
who said: “98% of diets and diet products
fail. The reason for
this is because they
do not address a vital
underlying root cause
of weight gain.”
Dr. Wood continued,
“If you read the latest
medical studies, it becomes very clear most
people will never lose
weight and keep it off
unless they cleanse
their liver. The liver
must be cleansed because it is the workhorse for weight loss
in so many ways. It
ailters all the food and
liquid that enters your
body. It removes toxins which can keep
anyone overweight. It
regulates blood sugar
levels, converts carbohydrates and much
Nancy’s weight loss
results were incredible after she cleansed
her liver. “I lost 34
pounds without a
strict diet or exercise.
This was faster and
easier than I’d ever
lost weight before, and
I’ve kept the weight
off for over a year now
with no problem”, she
The pill that safely
cleanses your liver in
30-days is now available in the United
States without a prescription. It is sold
under the brand name
LIVAPROL. It contains
an active ingredient
that has been shown
to help the liver eliminate the fat-causing
toxins in the body.
Scientists in Japan
have discovered a
natural compound
that has been shown
in laboratory tests to
restore the liver and
trigger phenomenal
weight loss.
Dr. Decker Weiss,
M.D. said, “Laboratory tests showed a loss
of up to 30% of body
weight in 31 days
when this extract was
mixed with food. My
patients have had
remarkable success
with this. It is a new,
different and exciting breakthrough for
people who are overweight.”
The results seem
hard to believe, yet
these aindings are
supported by many

Popular Pill: U.S. doctors are now recommending new pill
because it causes fast and safe weight loss - with no need for
excessive diet or exercise.

everyday people like
Winston Harrison of
Randolph, Wisconsin:
“I was very skeptical
when I airst read an article about LIVAPROL,
but my doctor veriaied
it for me, so I gave it a
try. I expected to be
disappointed again
because I am what
they call a “hard loser”, meaning it is very
hard for me to lose
any weight. But this
time it was different
and so far I have lost
22 pounds and I feel
like I am living in a
dream come true.”
People have toxic
and sluggish livers
from all the toxins in
our foods and the environment in today’s
society. This means
their bodies are not
effective at digestion
and fat breakdown,
resulting in weight
gain, feeling heavy,
bloated and sluggish.
The liver’s role is crucial for efaicient fat
breakdown and metabolism.
The ingredients in
LIVAPROL trigger
weight loss. They slim
you down by cleansing
the liver of its toxins
so your metabolism
burns off more fat.
This can be compared
to an old junk car that
has not had a tune-up
in twenty years getting a fresh new overhaul so it runs like it
used to.
“Since I turned 50,
I put on extra weight
and it’s been impossible to lose it. Nothing
has worked. When
I was younger this
was not a problem.
When my doctor told
me about this, I was
skeptical, but I tried it
and so far I have lost
42 pounds. I am very
happy with all aspects
of this supplement.
Finally something that
works for us 50 plusers”, said Ann LaSalle
of Orlando.
“In all my years as a
doctor, LIVAPROL is
the most different and
exciting breakthrough
in weight loss that
I have seen for people who want to lose
weight and keep it off
without a crazy diet or
exercise routine”, said
Dr. Eric Wood.

“All my patients who
have used LIVAPROL
have reported a signiaicant weight loss
with no side effects,
and all say it is much
better than any other product they have
ever tried”, reports Dr.
Decker Weiss, M.D.
“LIVAPROL is the
right choice for individuals who are
overweight. The test
results show this supplement works, as do
the results of my patients. And my own
personal experience
of losing weight by
using it”, said Dr. Holly Marcelle, who has
appeared on award
winning TV shows like
The Doctors, and PBS’
Healing Quest.
With so many enthusiastic comments and
actual user results, it
was no surprise the
airst production run
of LIVAPROL sold out
in just days. “We are
having a hard time
keeping up with the
demand”, noted company spokesman Vik
This is the ofaicial
nationwide release
of LIVAPROL in the
United States. And so,
the company is offering a special discount
supply to anyone who
calls within the next
48 hours.
A Regional Order
Hotline has been set
up for local readers to
call. This gives everyone an equal chance to
Starting at 7:00 am
today, the order hotline will be open for
48 hours.
LIVAPROL is guaranteed to work for you
– or you will get full
refund with a 90-day
unconditional money-back guarantee. It
is not sold in stores or
online. No prescription or doctor visit is
All you have to do is
call now TOLL-FFREE
1-888-986-8503 and
provide the operator
with the special discount approval code:
LIV142. The company will do the rest.
Important: Due to
media exposure on
NEWS, phone lines
are often busy. If you
call, and do not immediately get through,
please be patient and
call back. Those who
miss the 48-hour special discount offer
must pay more for

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent
any disease. Results based upon averages. Models are used in all photos to protect privacy


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