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Do You Believe These Myths About
Your Peripheral Neuropathy?

Life’s too short to live like this!

Peripheral neuropathy or “nerve damage” is
one of the most chronic conditions in the
U.S., affecting over 20 million Americans.

Could this treatment -- called The
NerveFit® be your solution for neuropathy?

Neuropathy results from injury to the nerves
in the legs and feet. This disrupts the
body’s ability to communicate with its
muscles, organs and tissues. Most people
don’t recognize neuropathy’s symptoms,
which are:
• Pins and Needles feeling
• Numbness in the hands or feet
• Tingling or burning sensations
• Weakness in the arms or legs
• Sharp shooting or burning pains
• Balance problems
These annoying problems may come and
go… interrupt your sleep… or even make
your arm or leg feel weak at times.
But even if you’ve had neuropathy
symptoms for a while, there are 3 common
myths I often see with this condition.
Myth #1: Thinking More Pills Are the
Only Solution
A common treatment for many nerve
problems is the ‘take some pills and wait
and see’ method.
While this may be necessary for temporary
relief of severe symptoms, using them long
term is no way to live. Some of the more
common drugs given include pain pills,
anit-seizure medications, and antidepressants
– all of which have serious side effects.
Why not look for a drugless solution instead
of just covering over the pain?
Myth #2: Assuming Neuropathy is Only
Found in Diabetic People
Diabetic patients are not the only group to
suffer with this condition. Actually more
neuropathy suffers are non-diabetic than are,
according to a recent 2009 study.
Here’s what the study, done by The
Neuropathy Association revealed…

You see… I’ve made it my mission to help
those suffering with neuropathy conditions.
I’ve developed a drugless treatment program
for neuropathy patients that is proving to
be successful.

Many neuropathy patients are surprised
to learn these common myths aren’t true.
Have you heard them before?
“Neuropathy is often misrepresented as
only being diabetes-related. However,
this survey demonstrates that for every
diabetic neuropathy patient, there are
at least six more patients suffering with
various neuropathies…” – Dr. Thomas H.
Brannagan III, medical advisor for The
Neuropathy Association.
At the end of the 30 day trail, all 49 subjects
had partial restoration of feeling in their feet.
– Journal of the American Podiatric Medical
98% of patients reported having a “significant
reduction in pain” – Journal of Diabetes and
its Complications.
Myth #3: Believing Numbness and
Tingling is “No Big Deal”
One of the biggest about their numbness,
tingling, and pain is that it goes away all by
itself… without any treatment.
Let’s face it, if your neuropathy symptoms
haven’t gone away by now, it’s not likely
they will disappear on their own.
And it’s been shown in studies that if
ignored, symptoms can intensify causing
loss of sensation, unrelenting pain, and even
disability; e.g., the need for canes, walkers
or a wheelchair.

For 5 Days Only, I’m running a very
special offer so you can find out if my
NerveFit® will help you too. What does
this offer include?
• And in-depth consultation about your
health and well-being where I will
listen…really listen… to the details
of your case.
• A complete neuropathy evaluation
of motor and sensory peripheral
nerves (normally $140.00).
• A thorough analysis of your
evaluation findings so we can start
mapping out your plan to being
pain free, if we accept your case.
Again, the normal price for this type of
evaluation is $140, so you’re saving a
considerable amount of money by taking me
up on this offer, which is at no risk to you
and FREE.

Call 314-332-1086 before time runs out.
When you call, tell my office you’d like to
come in for the FREE Neuropathy
Evaluation so they can make sure you
receive the proper credit for this special offer!
Remember, this special offer expires 11/8/19,
so call now before you forget!

If you have serious concerns about falling,
having a good quality of life or keeping
your independence, I look forward to seeing
if we can help you.
Dr. Ryan K. Lewis, DC


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