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Do You Suffer from these Eight Symptoms
of Neuropathy?
Tens of millions suffer, and often don’t know where to turn…
Here’s what some of your
neighbors have to say:

Dear friend,
The problem is often misdiagnosed, or not
diagnosed at all. But, it affects the lives of
between 10 and 20 million Americans.

“36 years as a clinical nurse, what a blessing
I’m so grateful I made that call to Dr. Lewis!
(Judy R)

This problem can cause:
1. Numbness
2. Burning pain
3. Cramping.
4. Sharp, electric jolt pain.
5. Restless leg
6. Difficulty sleeping
7. Pins and needles/tingling feelings
8. Balance problems
If you suffer from one or more of these
problems, you may have peripheral neuropathy.
And, if you do, you’re not alone.
Often, these good people have been frustrated
by the traditional care they’ve received for these
terrible problems, and are still seeking help.
Over 100 Causes
These problems can be caused by diabetes,
hereditary disorders, inflammation, medications
such as cholesterol lowering (statin) drugs, and
For the past 16 years, I’ve studied this class of
conditions, collectively known as “peripheral
neuropathies.” In fact, helping people with
these problems has been my primary focus for
many years.
It’s not unusual for me to hear stories from
patients who’ve suffered for years with terrible
symptoms. For many, they are missing out on
the things they love to do and things they used
to take for granted.
Life Stealing Condition
Unfortunately, on a regular basis in my clinic a
patient describes a frightening experience they
had when driving their car and didn’t know
if their foot was on the gas pedal or the brake
pedal. They aren’t enjoying life as they once
did. They are losing their quality of life…and
for some their independence.
If this describes you, then perhaps I can help.

“I’ve had neuropathy for 5 years and been to
at least 8-10 doctors. All said they can’t do
anything. I was very skeptical because I had
tried everything. Since I’ve started the pain
has diminished tremendously. I’m not lying in
bed crying anymore! You need and go see Dr.
Lewis!” (Peggy)

IF you’ve got 35 minutes…
I Guarantee to Open Your Eyes about
Neuropathy Relief
After more than a decade of evaluating and
working with hundreds of patients that suffer
with neuropathy. I’ve developed a drugless noninvasive therapy program called the NerveFit®
for anyone suffering from the symptoms of
neuropathy and related balance problems.
Others describe not being able to take part in
normal everyday activities like walking their
dog, walking for exercise, attending church,
gardening, bowling, golf or how about just
walking safely all because of their balance
problem from peripheral neuropathy.
Get Your Life Back
And the beautiful thing is that when these
health situations improved, people are much
happier with their quality of life. In many
cases, they finally can live pain free, with peace
and joy in their lives again. Just having a
NerveFit® plan to improve your balance or
neuropathy reduces stress and anxiety that
occurs with these conditions.
“At the end of the 30 day trail, all 49 subjects
had partial restoration of feeling in their feet.”
– Journal of the American Podiatric Medical

“This affected my life so badly that I couldn’t
sleep at night, sit or stand and it hurt when I
drove. I thought what was I going to do? This
has taken away, just taken away all the quality
of my life! With Dr. Lewis I am now 90% better
than when I first started. Now I can drive
without pain and I’m sleeping well! Thanks Dr.
Lewis! (Eva)
Innovative Care – Powerful Results
The NerveFit® was developed with countless
neuropathy/balance cases and 16 years of trial
and error. …And this therapy plan has helped
a whole slew of people get back to doing the
things they love to do.
Do You Qualify For This New Program?
When you call and make an appointment, I will
perform a highly specialized evaluation of the
peripheral nervous system to see if we may be
able to help.
But, please call right away because we can take
only the FIRST 27 callers! If you are one of
these 27 callers, I’ll do this Evaluation and
Qualifying Process completely FREE (normally
$140). So, please call my office at


I don’t want you to miss out on this golden
opportunity! Due to the nature of this offer, it
will end on September 9th!
Add some peace to your life or the life of
someone you love. Call me today to make an
appointment. We can help you.
Thank you.
Dr. Ryan K. Lewis, DC


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