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If you’re suffering from nerve problems in the legs and feet, you must read about
a clinical study that showed...

How 85% of Patients Eliminated Numbness,
Tingling, or Sharp Pains
Numbness, tingling, and pain are an extremely
annoying problem.

What these studies mean is that you could soon
be enjoying life...without those aggravating nerve

It may come and go...interrupts your sleep...and
even makes your arm or legs feel weak at times.
Maybe you’ve even been to other doctors and
they claim all the tests indicate you should feel
fine or nothing they can do, well…you are not

Could This Be Your Solution?
It’s time for you to find out if our NerveFit®
Program will be your neuropathy solution.
Until October 15th, you will get all the services I
normally charge new patients $140 for FREE!
What does this offer include? Everything. Take
a look at what you will receive:

If You Read Nothing Else, Read This:
More than 20 million Americans suffer from
peripheral neuropathy, a problem caused by
damage to the nerves that supply your legs
and feet.
This painful condition interferes with your
body’s ability to transmit messages to your
muscles, skin, joints, or internal organs. If
ignored or mistreated, neuropathy can lead to
irreversible health conditions.
Our REAL number one complaint from
neuropathy in our clinic is our patients lose
the ability to drive because they cannot feel
the pressure on the gas pedal or brake. And a
close second is falling.
Why not get help (if you qualify) with a
drug-less, non-invasive therapy plan for
neuropathy and balance problems, called the
More Pills Are Not the Solution
A common treatment for many nerve problems
is the ‘take some pills and wait and see’ method.
While this may be necessary for temporary relief
of severe sympt them long term is no way to
live. Some of the more common drugs given
include pain pills, anti-seizure medications, and
anti-depressants -- all of which have serious side
The Likely Cause of Your Problem
My name is Dr. Ryan Lewis, DC President of the
Missouri Pain Treatment Center. I’ve been helping
people with neuropathy for 12 years and nerve
problems for more than 16 years.
Neuropathy is the condition when nerves become
damaged. Unfortunately there are over 100 causes
of neuropathy or nerve damage. No matter the
cause the nerves ultimately become damaged from
a deficit of key nutrients (we call fuel) and a lack
of stimulation (we call activation).

Don’t let numbness,
tingling and pain
hold you back from
enjoying life.

The good news is that neuropathy therapy, called
the NerveFit® have proven effective in helping
the nerves get the fuel and activation they need
too help the nerves heal as close to normal as
You see nerves have the ability to change and
heal on their own. It is called Neuroplasticity.
Sadly, they’re just not good at doing it on their
This Is Where We Come In
By using the NerveFit®, we are able to help
neuropathy patients get fuel and activation to
their damaged nerves. This allows the nerves to
heal and the symptoms to go away.
Numerous studies have proven non-invasive
therapeutic effectiveness in helping nerve
“Patients showed an 85% resolution of the
nerve symptoms after only 9 chiropractic
treatments” – Journal of Chiropractic Medicine
“At the end of the 30 day trial, all 49 subjects had
partial restoration of feeling in their feet.” --Journal of the American Podiatric Medical
“98% of patients reported having a significant
reduction in pain.” – Journal of Diabetes and its


An in-depth consultation about your health
and well-being where I will listen…really
listen… to the details of your case.


A complete neuropathy evaluation
(normally $140).


A thorough analysis of your evaluation
findings so we can start mapping out your
plan to being pain free.

Remember this expires on Oct 15th! You can
get everything I’ve listed here for FREE! The
normal price for this type of evaluation is $140,
so you’ve saving a considerable amount by
taking me up on this offer.

Call 314-802-4491.
I’ll answer your most probing questions about
nerve problems and how my NerveFit® program
can help.
When you call, tell the receptionist you’d like to
come in for the Neuropathy Assessment so she
can get you on the schedule, and make sure you
receive proper credit for this special offer.
Dr. Ryan K. Lewis, D.C.
P.S. Remember, you only have until October
15th to reserve an appointment at this
significant discount. Why suffer for years in
misery? Why risk falling?
That’s no way to live, not when there could be an
easy solution to your problem. Nothing’s worse
than feeling great mentally, but physically
feeling held back from life because your legs and
feet hurt – and the pain just won’t go away!
Take me up on my offer and call today

Call 314-802-4491.


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