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Now MEDICARE Helps Pay For Dental Implants*
“Stop suffering! You’ll love, love, love your new implant smile. In just one comfortable
office visit and without unnecessary surgery I got new teeth and got rid of my
uncomfortable, irritating, old-fashioned dentures. Now, with my implants, I eat anything
I want. If you have ever been frustrated by your dentures, then you owe it to yourself to
find out how dental implants can help.”

Medicare Part B pays for Medically Necessary*oral surgery.
Up to 30-50% of implant cost may be covered.

Start Eating The Foods You Love and Living The Life You Deserve.

Legal stuff, our success is built on long term relationships with our patients through genuine caring and unrivaled
excellence in value, comfort and service and the relentless quest for improvement. However, nothing stated herein
should be construed as a claim of secret, superior or exclusive techniques, ability or equipment. All are well documented
in the literature and training is widely available to any dentist who cares to pursue these goals. Our doctors are General
Dentists. Sedation services provided by Dr Grayem, Bialecki and Bruch. Photos are of models, not actual patients

Dr Barry Brace

Dr Tim Grayem



O’Fallon, MO

Certified Provider

Kirkwood, MO


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