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Being Relaxed and Comfortable Through
your Next Dental Visit... Now You Can!

No Lectures. No Judgment.

Our highly skilled doctors complete all necessary dentistry painlessly and
compassionately. You’ll erase years of dental neglect in one or two comfortable
visits and when you awaken it will seem as though only a few minutes have
passed. You’ll have no pain and little or no memory of the procedure, the
smells or the sounds.


The Most Important Advancement In Dental Patient Comfort Since
Novocaine and Laughing Gas! Whether it has been 5,10 or even 20
years since your last dental visit... This is Exactly what you have been
waiting for all these years.

I took my pills about 7am and sat down on the couch to wait
for time to leave for the dentist. The next thing I remember
was waking up, still on the couch, at about 4pm. My dental
work was done, nothing hurt and best of all, I don’t remember
a thing. I’ll never be afraid of the dentist again. R C. StLouis



• Consultation
and X-Rays
• Second Opinion

Call Today
Dr Barry Brace
Dr Tim Grayem
O’Fallon, MO
( 636)-203-7502

Kirkwood, MO

Legal Notice: Our success is built on long term relationships with our patients through genuine caring and
unrivaled excellence in value. comfort and service and the relentless quest for improvement. However nothing
stated herein should be construed as a claim of secret, superior or exclusive techniques, ability or equipment.
All are well documented in the literature and training is widely available to any dentist who cares to pursue
these goals. Our doctors are General Dentists. Sedation Services provided by Dr Grayem, Bialecki and Bruch.
Photos are of models, not actual patients.


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