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National Cart Company enjoys business success with
employee engagement, retention and job satisfaction
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National Cart Company, a leader in material handling products
in St. Charles, has partnered with
AAIM Employer’s Association, a
St. Louis-based organization that
works with companies to develop
high-performance cultures to create organizational excellence. For
the past four years, AAIM has
helped National Cart Company
employees build great success.

differentiating the company in the
marketplace. Over the next year, it
will continue to advance its HR processes and use key metrics developed
by AAIM, known as “Waypoints.”
The term “Waypoints” is attributed
to identifying pressing challenges
and significant opportunities that
can enable a company to achieve and
maintain a competitive advantage.
These include analyzing turnover
rates and competitive compensation,
developing employees and management at all levels, driving employee
engagement and ensuring HR compliance. A variety of HR processes
also focus on effective talent optimization. All factor in helping a
company like National Cart Company succeed.

Working side-by-side with AAIM,
National Cart Company follows a
model that was customized for their
company and culture with well-defined human resources (HR) processes and training for managers and supervisors. Strategies are specifically
focused on achieving higher employee engagement, improving employee
retention and increasing job satisfaction. The impact on National Cart National Cart Company is dedicatCompany’s growth and productivity ed to its employees and customers
and its ongoing company-wide
has been significant.
commitment to strengthening and
“National Cart Company has refining HR processes through
achieved superior business results by world-class training. These commitinvesting in our associates,” said Rob ments are generating outstanding
Unnerstall, CEO of National Cart business results.
Company. “We know our growth is
a direct result of our customer cen- “As we’ve experienced rapid growth,
tric approach with superior associ- our ability to attract and retain top
ate engagement. Our people strat- talent has greatly improved. With
egy is the differentiator that drives a workforce of approximately 250,
our culture, which in turn drives we not only focus on rewarding
top performers with promotions
our performance.”
but also giving them the proper
training and tools to help them
National Cart Company’s success become the very best leaders and
in employee workforce development managers for the company,” said
was recently recognized with Way- Andrea Rumfelt, HR director for
National Cart Company.
finder status awarded by AAIM.

The newly launched Wayfinder designation and recognition program acknowledges organizations that have
met a stringent set of criteria referred
to by AAIM as the “gold standard”
talent optimization model. National
Cart was chosen from among AAIM’s 900-plus member companies
based on an in-depth analysis that
showed it outperformed most peer
organizations in talent optimization.

As a recipient of the Wayfinder designation and recognition program,
National Cart Company serves as
a model of excellence for business
and industry.

Founded in 1979, National Cart
Company is a family-owned and
-operated business and a leader in
design, manufacturing and distribution of material handling products,
food service products and store fixAs a Wayfinder honoree, Nation- tures. The company is headquaral Cart Company has committed tered in St. Charles, Missouri with an
to further optimizing talent and additional location in Reno, Nevada.

Their customers range from small,
single unit operations to Fortune
100 companies.

National Cart Company serves many
industries including supermarkets,
mass retail, home centers, food service, distribution, government and
industrial. The company motto of
“Safer-Better-Faster” represents a
commitment to customers in the
manufactured products, as well as
their associates’ never-ending pursuit of excellence.


National Cart Company headquarters in
St. Charles, MO.

AAIM has a proven track record
of helping companies succeed and
creating a culture for dedicated
employees. As an organization that
has helped businesses hire, develop
and retain top talent over the past
120 years, AAIM serves as a model
to support recruiting and retaining
top talent.

Today, nearly 1,600 companies, including members and non-members
representing 600,000 employees
in three states, utilize AAIM services to manage and improve their
people systems. Programs include
integrated HR solutions, talent
management, professional training
and development, business information, people processes, consulting
services, employer best practices,
employee communications, peer-topeer networking and much more.

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