Details for Audiology Center - Ad from 2020-08-02

Starkey Factory Representative and Nationally Known
Hearing Aid Professional, Mihira Chandrasoma, will be
available for our special event! Along with The Audiology
Center, LLC, Mihira brings years of professional experience in
hearing healthcare industry. That together gives us insight
into the challenges that accompany hearing loss and access
to the latest and most advanced technological developments
in hearing sciences. To schedule your preferred appointment
please call (636) 389-8947.

Our Livio Edge AI Rechargeable hearing aids are
designed to deliver:
• Superior sound quality and listening clarity
• More natural hearing and effortless transitions
• Smallest rechargeable hearing aids with 24* hours of
superior hearing on one charge
• Streaming of phone calls, music and messages from your
smartphone directly to your hearing aids
• Convenient adjustments to your hearing aids without an
office visit


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