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Want Help For Your
neuropatHY or pain?
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Neuropathy and Pain Relief
are you in pain or have numbness and tingling in your feet or hands? do
you have pain in your low back, hip or shoulder? Have you tried everything to
get relief ? are you contemplating surgery? tried injections? Had surgery and
are still in pain? Been told to "just live with it?"
our neuro-laserplex healing system is both high-tech and gentle, and most
important, proven to be safe and effective at relieving pain, numbness and
tingling. You will see we have excellent therapeutic treatment for advanced
neuropathy and pain relief and expedited healing times.

Here are some questions people typically ask
about what happens here at the Neuropathy and
Pain Relief Institute.
Is There Anything That Can Be Done for
Neuropathy and Severe Pain?
Consistently people come in and tell dr. Birkenmeier they have been
“everywhere” looking for relief. after a proper evaluation and treatments
different than they had elsewhere, they start feeling better… so the “proof is
in the pudding” as they say.

Pain relief without shots.
“pain in my lower back and not being able to stand for any length of time
brought me to the neuropathy and pain relief institute.. He (dr. Birkenmeier)
has helped by the treatments he has given me and i didn’t have to have shots.
i’m able to stand without bending over when i walk, i’m not in pain. His staff
is wonderful and the honesty and concern of dr. Birkenmeier. i’m glad i found
him in the newspaper that i kept for about a month.” - Vivian l., age 69

What treatments are used?
after 15 years of treating patients with neuropathy and pain, specific
combinations of treatments are found to be highly successful. these include
lasers that stimulate healing at a deep level, decompression therapy to give
more space for the nerves to flow, and other instruments that stimulate and

1. Consultation with
Dr. Birkenmeier
2. Neuropathy & Pain
3. Laser Treatment to Start
the Relief Process.
(where applicable)

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Call today:


if you currently are suffering
with the following and finally want relief:
Burning Feet
& Hands

Lower Back

help support the relief process. Specific procedures and recommendations can
only be given after a proper evaluation by dr. Birkenmeier, but rest assured,
all of the details are discussed prior to any treatment.

Is treatment successful?
Yes, treatment is successful for a large majority of people. Many people who
come in for treatment get significant relief from their ongoing neuropathy,
numbness, tingling, and pain… even really bad cases.

Off medications and sleeping much better.
“nerve damage, causing leg numbness. i had trouble sleeping, sitting in a chair
for long periods of time and was on strong medication which had me constantly
drowsy. after 17 treatments, i can say i improved about 70%, off medications,
sleeping much better, and can sit without discomfort….look forward to a better
lifestyle. i am happy with my improvement at this time. i just wish i had come to

Arthritis, Car Accidents, Stenosis and Slipped Disk(s).

the institute much sooner.” al S., age 69

How does someone know if the treatments are
right for them?
a thorough evaluation to find out if the person’s case looks like other cases
that felt better with treatment is the only way to know. Bottom line, if dr.
Birkenmeier cannot help a person, he will refer them to the correct provider
to get help.

Is there a guarantee?
unfortunately, in healthcare there are no guarantees. realistically, there
are too many factors that go into a person’s health. the best thing to do is
properly evaluate the person, treat them with time-tested, effective treatments
for a period of time while closely monitoring the progress, then re-evaluate to

Where are you

We are located at 12152 tesson
Ferry road, St. louis Missouri 63128 in
South County.

see their progress.

Do you work with insurance?
Yes, our office works with insurance, even Medicare. as you know in today’s
world of insurance, policies and coverage may vary, so we check into all of that
in detail prior to getting treatment. the most important thing is determining
what specific treatments will provide the best results and that can only be
determined by a proper evaluation.

Walking without pain.
“Severe pain in the left foot brought me to the neuropathy and pain relief

our goal is to help you
get relief from your
neuropathy and pain using
advanced treatments for
lasting results.
our purpose is to help
people get well and stay
that way.

institute. Helped to stand and walk without pain. Sleep better.” - Wayne d.,
age 74

Playing tennis again.
“His therapy has made walking easier. also starting to play tennis again. i can
now walk very far without difficulty. Swelling is reduced. i would refer a friend
to dr. Birkenmeier.” - ron d., age 64

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