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Why does learning about
antisemitism matter?
What about media literacy?
Join the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum in
August for a series of four virtual lectures called “Why This
Matters.” The first three programs lead up to a sneak peek
of the new St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum,
opening in summer 2022.

Why is this new museum of crucial importance
for the St. Louis community and beyond?
Join us in August to find out.
AUGUST 5 “Defining Antisemitism and Why it Matters”
Director of Government Affairs for the Simon
Wiesenthal Center Mark Weitzman will discuss
antisemitism and its contemporary global rise.
AUGUST 10 “The Vital Need for Holocaust Education”
Ariel Behrman of ADL and Jesse Tannetta of
Echoes & Reflections will look at the vital need
for Holocaust education locally and nationwide
as well as the concerning lack of Holocaust
knowledge among young people.
AUGUST 19 “Context Means Everything: Questions We
Might Ask Each Time We Access Media”
Founder & President of Gateway Media Literacy
Partnership, Inc. Jessica Brown will discuss the
importance of media literacy and ways to
critically analyze and access media.
AUGUST 26 “Why Our Region Needs a Holocaust Museum:
Introducing the New St. Louis Kaplan Feldman
Holocaust Museum”
World-renowned museum designer Patrick
Gallagher will provide a sneak peek of the
planned expansion of the St. Louis Kaplan
Feldman Holocaust Museum. This can’t-miss
program will mark the first time these exciting
plans have been revealed to our community.
The programs are free of charge and will take place on Zoom.

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