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Hemp Gummies Give
Swollen Joints Sweet Relief
Hemp in chewable gummies legal nationwide,
won’t get you high, completely eases joint and
muscle pain sensations, deep sleep, too!

The search is over for
those seeking a safe,
natural way to relieve
moderate to severe
muscle and joint pain.
Thanks to landmark
legislation passed by
Congress, which makes
pain-killing hemp legal
nationwide, all Americans now have equal,
unfettered access to
what may be the strongest, legal pain-killer
available today.
Taste the Purity,
Feel the Power
Healing Labs of Los
Angeles, a global
leader in hemp-based
health solutions, has
unveiled a delicious new
delivery system for its
high-grade, organic,
flavor-packed, sugar-free,
hemp-infused, gummies!
Each chewable gummy, sold in four flavors,
cherry, lemon, grape,
and orange, packs in 25
milligrams of the company’s max-strength,
hemp extract.
Users are smiling, reporting near-immediate
Helps Swollen Joints,
Muscle Spasms &
Nerve Pain
Used daily, full-spectrum hemp can help
erase pain and swelling
in joints throughout the
“On day three,” writes
one user, “I am quite
surprised and hopeful that what I feel in
my legs is real and that
it will last. The pain,
tightness, and swelling
I’ve had for years has
just gone away. Unbelievable!”
Nature’s Best
Pain-Killing Compound
“It’s the Cadillac of
hemp-bas ed
medicine,” says Keith
McPherson, a consultant to the industry.
A recent review reveals
35 controlled studies involving more than 2,000
subjects, investigating
hemp’s pain-relieving
Doctors Give It a
Medical organizations
like the World Health
Organization and the
American Academy of
Family Physicians support access to hemp
and its therapeutic,
health-improving ingredients.
Unlike its sister plant,
marijuana, which contains THC, the pesky
ingredient that makes
you high, the hemp
plant does not contain
THC and will not make
users feel high.
The federal government deems marijuana to be a deadly
Schedule 1 drug, on
par with heroin, but in
October, 2003, the US
government secretly
patented hemp’s therapeutic ingredients
(USPO #6,630,507) for
its anti-epileptic, neuro-protective, intra-ocular eye pressure-lowering benefits, and
other aspects.
The hemp revolution
began 28 years ago with
an accidental discovery.
A Puzzling Mystery
In 1992, Dr. Raphael
Mechoulam, a professor of medicinal

Pain-relieving CBDs in chewable, delicious, sugar-free
gummies restore flexibility and comfort to aging joints
and muscles.

nerve cells to prevent
excessive firing, ‘calming’ injured tissues,
and dampening the release of chemicals that
cause swelling.
Susan K. injured her
wrist playing volleyball
at the beach. “It got to
where I couldn’t shift
gears in my car without
pain. In two days after
using hemp gummies,
the pain disappeared.
It hasn’t come back
Then, It Dawned on Him either,” she smiled.
He realized that he
had seen this chemical
Back Pain
before. He was sure that
Melts Away
it was a plant chemical; Retired school teacher,
m anu f a c tu re d
by Barbara M., age 61,
certain plants, especially began using highthe cannabis and hemp strength hemp gummies
plant, which produced for back pain. She also
the compound in received a pleasant
copious amounts.
He was shocked “After a couple of days,
to learn that this I noticed that my back
chemical, which is pain was melting away.
made in the body, was I no longer had stiffness
actually a cannabinoid, and pain from sitting
one of more than 130 too long.”
p h a r m a c o l o g i c a l l y She also noticed a
active, therapeutic change in how she
a l s o felt. “I became more
produced in the hemp upbeat and, I hate to
say it, I feel more perky
now. But don’t tell
Why was the body
my friends. I’ll never
making its own
hear the end of it,” she
wondered the doctor.
What’s Best: CBD Oil
Dr. Mechoulam went
or… Whole Plant,
on to discover other
Hemp Gummies?
cannabinoids produced Hemp Gummies from
in the body.
Healing Labs contain
whole plant, fullHe also found the
spectrum hemp, which
contains all 130 of the
receptors, too, but he
cannabinoids found in
wasn’t prepared for
what he discovered.
“C ompanies that
one or two
Hiding in Plain Sight:
for hemp
A Vast
Natural Medicine
He was shocked to “Studies show that they
discover the EndoCan- just don’t work as well.”
d at a
nabinoid System (ECS), Pre cl i n i c a l
a vast, body-wide network of trillions of cannabinoids like
cannabinoid receptors, those found in Hemp
heavily concen-trated Gummies are far more
in the brain, in every effective at reducing
or-gan, gland, tendon, pain than a single
even your cartilage.
Healing Lab’s Hemp
When cannabinoids,
whether produced
by the body or from
hemp, connect with pharmaceutical-quality
their re-ceptors, mar- hemp extract, the same
velous things be-gin to re-markable substance
used in research studies
It’s the only source of
Feel Stronger,
Happier, Pain-Free!
hemp on the
Users report feeling calmer, more at market today.
ease, blood pressure Call 1 (800) 605-1690
normalizes, pain sub- now to see how you
sides, sleep, digestion, can get these incredibly
and circula-tion im- delicious, joint and
proves, immune powers muscle-loosening taste
strengthen, and people, treats that will have you
in general, feel happier sleeping through the
night and waking up,
and more content.
raring to go!
This natural betterFeel Your Joint
health remedy comes
Pain Disappear
There’s one thing that with a 90-day, industryhemp does better than leading satisfaction
anything else, and guarantee, so you can
that’s relieve the pain, experience its longswelling, and aching term results, completely
from sore joints and risk-free!
Call (800) 605-1690 for
Cannabinoids attack your Hemp Gummies
pain quickly, relieving today. Sup-plies are
swollen, sore joints by limited, so call at your
stabilizing distraught earliest convenience.

chemistry, stumbled
on an unknown protein molecule in the
He knew it was
a ligand, a unique
chemical that fits
inside a sp ecif ic
receptor — like a key
in its own lock — but
he had no idea what
the molecule did or
where to look for its
elusive receptor.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Hemp Gummies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements
have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results may vary from person to person.


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