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LOCATED AT: Ellisville, Missouri
TO THE PRODUCTION OF: Stamping Fuse Elements (Components) for Fuses and
Fuse Accessories
Notice is hereby given that Eaton, Bussmann Division had petition
TAW – 96,401 approved under the Trade Act of 1974, as amended.
If you were an affected worker laid off from Eaton, Bussmann Division on or after
September 25, 2019 (Impact Date) and before December 22, 2022 (Expiration Date),
you may be entitled to weekly Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA), Reemployment
Trade Adjustment Assistance (RTAA), Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC), or Trade
Adjustment Assistance in the form of training, job search allowances, and/or
relocation allowances. To be eligible for TRA weekly benefits, an eligible worker
must be enrolled in training by the end of the 26th week after the petition is certified
(December 22, 2020 Certification Date) or by the end of the 26th week following
the most recent qualifying separation (lay-off) from Eaton, Bussmann Division,
whichever is later. For TRA, RTAA, HCTC, and/or TAA, a Trade Act claim must be filed
with a Missouri Division of Employment Security (DES) Regional Claims Center or
through the DES UInteract system ( For information
about training and other TAA benefits, contact or visit the nearest Missouri Office of
Workforce Development (OWD) Missouri Job Center
Regional Claims Centers
Jefferson City
Kansas City
St Louis
Outside Local Calling Area
Relay Missouri
800-735-2966 (TDD)
888-861-8349 (Voice)
For additional information about the Trade Act program, please submit your questions
In accordance with 29 CFR 38.9 (g)(3), Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals will
receive language assistance in all communications of vital information.
Vital information is defined as information whether written, oral or electronic, that
is necessary for an individual to understand how to obtain any aid, benefit, service,
and/or training; necessary for an individual to obtain any aid, benefit, service, and/or
training; or required by law.
An interpreter, as well as the availability of free language assistance such as
rulebooks; written test that do not access English language competency, but rather
assess competency for a particular license, job, or skill for which English proficiency
is not required; and letters or notices that require a response from the beneficiary or
applicant, participant, or employee will be provided to all LEP individuals at no cost to
the individual. (29 CFR § 38.4(ttt))
IMPORTANT! There are documents that contain important information about WIOA
training services, how to apply for training services, your rights, responsibilities and/
or benefits. It is critical that you understand the information in these documents. Click
on “Select Language” to view our website in your preferred language. You can receive
Telephone Translation assistance of all documents by CALLING 866-506-0251 at no
cost to you.
¡IMPORTANTE! Hay documentos que contienen información importante acerca de
los servicios de capacitación de WIOA, cómo solicitar servicios de capacitación,
sus derechos, responsabilidades y / o beneficios. Es fundamental que entienda la
información de estos documentos. Haga clic en “Seleccione el idioma” para ver
nuestro sitio web en su idioma preferido. Usted puede recibir asistencia de Traducción
Telefónica de todos los documentos por CALLING 866-506-0251 sin costo alguno
para usted.
WICHTIG! Es gibt Dokumente, die wichtige Informationen zu WIOA-Schulungsdiensten,
zur Beantragung von Schulungsdiensten, zu Ihren Rechten, Pflichten und /
oder Vorteilen enthalten. Es ist wichtig, dass Sie die Informationen in diesen
Dokumenten verstehen. Klicken Sie auf “Sprache auswählen”, um unsere
Website in Ihrer bevorzugten Sprache anzuzeigen. Sie können die telefonische
Übersetzungsunterstützung für alle Dokumente unter der Rufnummer 866-506-0251
kostenlos erhalten.
CALLING 866-506-025175EL.'B3&;O-


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