Details for Missouri Health Foundation/Intersect - Ad from 2019-09-08

When we look out
for one another, we all
see #TheNetBenefit

St. Louis

“Now I get to have a bed and
somewhere comfortable to stay.
It means everything to me.”
Harmoni and her mom and brother received the help they needed during a difficult time. Today, the
family is happy, healthy, and stable, with a promising future ahead. Harmoni and her family are just
one of thousands of stories of the safety net—of Missourians doing everything they can to live up to
their full potential.
Stories of Missourians who are struggling are all too common. Too many of our neighbors have basic
needs that just aren’t being met. But there is a solution. Safety net programs ensure all Missourians
can lead healthy lives. They provide food, health care, shelter, and economic support. But these
programs can only help if they’re focused on what people really need and are properly funded. That’s
why 8 in 10 Missourians support funding safety net programs. You can help lawmakers understand
the importance of safety net programs by telling them what these many services mean to families like
yours. Share your story today at

Be part of the solution.
Be part of the story.
Be part of #TheNetBenefit.


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