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Taking Lyrica, Neurontin,
Gabapentin, for NeuropaThy?

peripheral Neuropathy is more common
than you think in the St. Louis area,
but a reaL SoLuTIoN hasn’t been
available until now.

Do you have any of the following?

1. Numbness
2. Burning pain
3. Restless legs
4.Tingling pains
5. Difficulty sleeping
6. Cramping
7. Difficulty with walking or balance
The Ozzie Smith Center’s unique,
individualized medical program forTREATING
THE CAUSE of Neuropathy and these 7
symptoms has been proven successful
nationwide – and is the solution so many
people have searched for in the St. Louis
area. .
Our IMAC Regeneration Centers have
performed over 16,000 regenerative nerve
procedures to help people just like you.

Attending this seminar is your
FIRST STEP in tackling painful neuropathy.
Don’t just live with it, come and learn!
Tue, Dec. 3 at 6pm
Wed, Dec. 4 at 6pm
Neuropathy Seminar
Neuropathy Seminar
-OR(w/ appetizers)
(w/ appetizers)
St. peters Marriott Courtyard
Chesterfield Clinic
4341 Veterans Memorial pkwy.
13353 olive Blvd.
St peters, Mo 63376



rSVp: 636-244-9871
“Serving local communities and our Veteran heroes.”


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