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as an engine of economic vitality,
supporting and enabling communities and
protecting homeowners across Missouri.

Stimulating Local Economies

At no cost to local government
Creation of 2,500 jobs across the state 1
$170M direct investment in our cities and towns
Over $300M in gross economic output2

Strengthening Communities

Projects may help increase the value of homes -- improving the tax base, funding
schools and local programs.


PACE provides much-needed relief and capital for underserved neighborhoods
-- in many cases the ONLY affordable and available option.
Set the PACE St. Louis has demonstrated tremendous support for minority and
women-owned businesses and workers... (enabling) access to financing for
energy efficient projects...
-Yaphett El-Amin, Executive Director MOKAN - Minority Contractors Center

Empowering & Protecting Homeowners

PACE provides the highest level of consumer protections in the home
improvement finance industry.


Fully transparent and accountable to local government.
Customer satisfaction ratings of Ygrene, the leading provider of PACE finance, far
exceeds those of other financial services companies.3
Based on my credit score,
traditional financing wasn’t an
option. Ygrene made it possible.
- Stacy J., St. Louis, MO

Ygrene was a solution,
a resource, a relief.
- Brandi W., St. Louis, MO

Safeguarding Our Environment

PACE has driven the following estimated environmental impact: 850M KW hours
saved and 287,000 metric tons of Co2 emissions reduced - the equivalent of
taking 62,000 cars off the road for a year.2


Supports bipartisan energy and infrastructure initiatives.

PACE Works for Missouri


Caleb Arthur: Stop job killing legislation during this economic downturn. The Missouri Times, January 25 2021.

Estimated lifetime impact data based on University of Southern California Schwarzenegger Institute research, “Impacts of the Property Assessed Clean Energy
(PACE) Program on the Economies of California and Florida,” utilizing, in part, Ygrene’s proprietary impact model. The research report can be accessed here:

2021 Financial Sector Benchmarks from Missouri 2020 Net Promoter Score (Property Owner rates Ygrene) vs. CustomerGuru. Average NPS Score of financial
services, banks, credit cards is ~31 Updated as of April 2021. Net Promoter Scores range from -100 to 100.


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