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Rides the Magazine 1.23.20

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As an over-pampered member of the automotive media, I freely admit that, initially, I found the new Chevy Silverado 2500 Custom somewhat austere -- and said so.

What’s wrong with this picture? At first glance you might say you don’t know. It is a mildly-customized, 1955 Ford F-Series (F-100) pickup with a “Flairside” bed (generically often referred to as a “step-side pickup”) with bulging fenders and a narrower bed. But aside from the obvious—custom…

For nearly a century, these trucks were known by the family name of Dodge. Then, in 2009, Ram got rebellious and, as the folks at Ram division like to say, “unbundled” itself from Dodge, in the process becoming a brand of its own. Now, at the ripe old age of 10, the Ram brand is celebrating …

Mazda shoppers might be understandably confused these days. The charming ads - the ones where the kid whispered "ZOOM ZOOM" at the end - have been replaced by a generic "Feel Alive" lifestyle campaign that might as well be selling you tennis shoes. And the brand's latest, four-digit CX-30 SUV is an alphanumeric migraine that doesn't fit in the brand's simple, single-digit sedan lineup (Mazda ...

2020 Genesis G70: A new small luxury sedan. Will it rival its big brothers for value? Price: $48,995 as tested. The Elite Package added low-beam assist, sunroof, and more for $1,750; the Prestige Package added around-view monitor, head-up display, and more for $2,500. Conventional wisdom: Car and Driver likes the "fun-to-drive nature, classy interior styling, fantastic value proposition," but ...