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Ask anyone on the street to name all of the cars that were manufactured in St. Louis. If you’re polling a Generation Z person, their response might be, “Bro... you mean cars were actually made here in St. Louis?” Ask the same question of a Millennial and their answer might be, “Uh... I think Chrysler? And maybe... I dunno.” Try it out on a gen-Xer and they will probably say, “Let’s see... Chrysler for sure and I think maybe Ford.” Next flag down a baby boomer and their response might be “Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Mercury and Chevrolet, including of course, the Corvette.”

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This pristine 1922 Moon 6-40 touring car is owned by Gary Moon, a member of the Moon Car Club and yes, descendent of Moon Motor Car Company founder, Joseph W. Moon. Photo provided by Bruce Kunz

Of course all of these responses are subject to whether the person was born at the beginning of their respective generation or at the tail end which is roughly a 20-year spread. Now, if we could go back in time to ask that baby boomer’s father or grandfather, the answer might surprise you. Cars and trucks manufactured here in St. Louis included the aforementioned plus the likes of Dorris; Brecht (steam-powered); A.B.C.; Moon; Ruxton & Windsor (both produced by Moon Motor Car Company); Victor; Jackson; Wayne; Haydock; Eureka; Winner; Simplo; Jeannin; Service; Clymer; Darby; Crescent; Gardner; Traffic (trucks); Scott-Newcomb (steam- powered); Skelton; Astra; Lueding-Haus; General-Monarch (a fire pumper truck); Durant; Star. Whew... I know I missed one or three.

Sure, some of the names you just read were “one-hit-wonders” to borrow a pop music term. This was in the day when the automobile was in its infancy and everyone with a buggy or bicycle shop tried to capture their share of the market. Many lasted only a few years and some barely got off the ground before shuttering their doors. Still, at one point St. Louis was second only to Detroit in the number of automobile manufacturers.

Two of the more successful brands were Dorris (1906-1926) and Moon (1905-1930). The Moon Car Club is a local club for owners or just people who have an interest in the marque.

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Happy motoring and Keep on Cruisin’!

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