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For stronger bones, visit 1 of 8 OsteoStrong locations

For stronger bones, visit 1 of 8 OsteoStrong locations

Jay Beauvais

Coach assists a member on a loading machine. Photo provided by OsteoStrong

When the first OsteoStrong in Missouri opened in Creve Coeur in 2016, it was a relatively unheard of health concept for the region. But today, with eight locations and more in the planning stage, those who have experienced the health and anti-aging benefits of the program are now contributing to OsteoStrong’s rapid growth.

The OsteoStrong technology is based on impact emulation. That may sound complicated, but it’s the science of applying high-impact force to the body in a safe, controlled movement. This movement triggers new bone and muscle tissue growth, as well as thickens tendons and ligaments which strengthens the entire musculoskeletal chain.

The science behind the success

The OsteoStrong technology is called Spectrum and was created by biomedical engineer Dr. John Jaquish, Ph.D., in order to help his mother who was diagnosed with osteoporosis. In his research about how to recondition bones, he discovered that gymnasts have the highest bone density of all athletes due to forceful landings during mat routines or catapulting over the horse, for example.

The technology he created allows the user of the Spectrum machines to recreate that high pressure exerted during forceful landings without discomfort. Dr. Jaquish discovered that his machines had completely reversed his mother’s osteoporosis, and today he is the chief science advisor for OsteoStrong and author of “Osteogenic Loading.”

Not only is the Spectrum System very effective, it takes only a few minutes to go through a session on the four machines. It is very easy to commit to the process, which takes only a few minutes once a week and can be done in street clothes.

“The results are amazing,” says Laura Harper, who opened the first OsteoStrong in St. Louis with her husband, Johnny. “It can be used by people of all ages and most physical abilities. We have members from 14 years old to 95 years young!”

Research shows that a minimum of 4.2 multiples of body weight is needed to trigger osteogenesis in the hip. Remarkably, OsteoStrong members can reach forces of five to 12 times their own body weight, even members in their 80s and 90s.

Not just for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is only one of the problems the technology addresses. Athletes are discovering that their performance improves with OsteoStrong. Why? Because the brain will limit growth of muscle mass based on the strength of the bones and skeletal system. So by building bones through OsteoStrong technology, the brain sends the signal that it’s safe to build bigger muscles because the skeleton will be able to handle it.

During a session at OsteoStrong, members work through the circuit of four machines (lower and upper body, core and spine). The user is in full control, applying pressure for about 15 seconds per movement. It’s very comfortable and an expert coach supervises each member through the circuit, ensuring safety as well as correct positioning and posture.

OsteoStrong members have reported improvements in muscle strength and bone density, better balance and posture, improved athletic performance and power, as well as reduction or elimination of joint and back pain.

“The machines may look similar to gym equipment, but it’s very different,” Harper explains. “It’s remarkable that people of all ages can benefit from OsteoStrong, whether they want to improve their balance and reduce their risk of fracture or they are an athlete wanting to break a world record!”

All OsteoStrong locations offer a complimentary session to anyone who would like to experience the process. Please call the location most convenient for you.

Lisa 300

Photo provided by OsteoStrong

Client Testimonial: Lisa

“I was fortunate enough to find Osteo-Strong after two years of physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic sessions, biofeedback and numerous other treatment options to try to improve my range of motion, strength and balance after an automobile accident and disc replacement surgery,” said Lisa.

Visit for more information.


Meet the owners: Now 8 locations in the St. Louis area

Photos provided by OsteoStrong

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